The Best Bedding for Chicken Coops

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Keeping your chicken healthy and comfortable is crucial for their overall well-being and productivity. To achieve this, it’s important to choose the best bedding for your chicken coop. Good bedding not only helps keep the coop clean and odor-free but also prevents the spread of diseases and parasites among your flock.

The reviewed bedding options offer a range of benefits, including affordability, comfort, and eco-friendliness. With these beddings, you can rest assured that your chicken will have a safe and comfortable environment to lay eggs and roost. Additionally, they are chemical-free and contain no harmful additives, ensuring the health of your flock and the environment.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced poultry farmer, choosing the right bedding is crucial for your flock’s health and well-being. Read on for the top 5 best bedding options for your chicken coop.

Best Chicken Transport Boxes

A List of Top 10 Best Bedding for Chicken Coops


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These are plastic nesting pads that have been designed with a slotted base. This is a unique design that will ensure that there is free air circulation in and out. It will also ensure that droppings are able to go through the nest pad in a better way. This process will reduce the growth of bacteria that emerges from wet nest material. With this item, you will save a lot.

  • Washable and reuseable nesting pads
  • Heavy duty poly made to last years
  • Removes cost of nesting material, like hay or wood shavings
  • Large size can be cut to fit most nesting boxes

MagJo Pet Excelsior Aspen Shaving Nesting Liners

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The high quality material make that has been used on this item is what makes it stand a blaze from others. It has been made in the US and you know quality is top priority. You don’t have to use either pine or cedar anymore, you need something that is much healthier than any of the two. That where aspen wood comes in. it also ensures that cleaning the coop is just a snap.

  • High quality USA grown aspen shavings- 12 pack
  • Aspen wood is much healthier for chickens than pine and cedar
  • Each 13 x 13 square comes with kraft paper on the bottom to keep the shavings together

Petmate Precision Pet Excelsior Nesting Pads Chicken Bedding

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Don’t leave the chicken to spoil eggs whey they have laid them. let them stay clean and fresh at all times. To achieve that, you need this kind of product with you. They are able to draw in moisture hence ensuring that the place is always clean and dry. The wood shavings can be modified by the hens but they will still hold their shape at all times. The surface is cushioned which ensures that chicken have a comfortable time nesting.

  • Cushioned surface ensures comfortable chicken nesting
  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials
  • Petmate Nesting Pads may be safely composted after use for sustainable farming or gardening

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

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When you get to have this 300L of bag, you will find that it weighs approximately 31 pounds. That makes it able to cover up to 8’ x 6’ coop comfortably. What makes it unique is that it is able to smell a considerable amount of moisture hence making it smell better as compared to pine shavings. The residual product can be used as organic waste.

  • One 300L bag weights approximately 31 pounds and can cover an 8’x6′ coop with 1.5 inches of bedding
  • Absorbs an amazing amount moisture and smells better than pine shavings
  • Residual product is an excellent compost and suitable for organic-waste container

Dr. Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding Bag

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Designed to have a high absorbance rate making it able to stay dry longer than even straw or even wood shavings. There are also 2 critical qualities that you will find with this kind of product, its low cost and also the low palatability. This two will ensure that respiratory and other health risks are kept at bay. the hemp is also chemical free, making it absolutely safe for your birds.

  • Consists of chopped straw, Alfalfa, and zeolite
  • Ideal for use in a garden to revitalize soil
  • Can be composted
  • Great for use as poultry bedding

Standlee Hay Company Flock Fresh Premium Poultry Bedding

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The material consists of a blend of chopped straw, forage and natural zeolite granules. Also, it has been designed to ensure that the ammonia kind of problems are reduced in great way and instead, promote the coop activities. It advantage is that it will create a comfortable, dry, and also odor free roosting area for your chicken. It is also ideal for composting.

  • Nesting box pads made from natural aspen material
  • Easy to place in chicken nesting boxes for faster egg gathering with less clean up
  • Each pad measures 13 x 13 inches with a thickness of approx. 3/4 in – 10 pads included in each pack
  • Helps to reduce the number broken eggs and keep a clean environment for your birds
  • Made in the USA from sustainably sourced Aspen wood excelsior material

Brillante Nesting Pads for Chicken Nest Boxes

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If you are in need of cleaner and fresher kind of eggs, this is the aspen that you just need to have for your chicken. It is easy to put in the chicken nesting boxes; no expertise is needed. You don’t have to now to worry of the number of broken eggs each day. Their softness is what makes them suitable for egg laying chicken. Buy them and you will create a clean environment for your eggs.

Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher

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It stands above others and is non-toxic. It is all natural and to make it fit in your budget of not watsge, it has been certified for use. there are no added perfumes, chemicals or even masking scents that have been used in formulating the product. it has been in existence for almost 33 years and it has proved that it can work pretty well in controlling odors and give your chicken comfort.

Precision Pet Poultry Pads

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This is a product that has been designed to provide you with cleaner, fresher and also hatch able type of eggs. Each pack has been designed with ten 12 xx 9-inch poultry pads that will handle your chicken needs in the best manner possible. Placing each pad in resting boxes is one easy task. they also ensure that they assist in further egg gathering.

Rosie Nest. Nesting Box Herbs for chicken coops

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This is a blend of organic aromatic herbs with flowers that are edible. It has been created specifically to ensure that the nesting boxes are both insect and rodent-free. Your hens will be the happiest ever because they will have a calming environment and other health benefits. They have been chosen to be among the best because of their natural properties that you might not find in others.