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Top 5 Best Blades for Ripping Hardwood (2022)

Choosing the best blade for ripping hardwood is one of the hardest decisions to make. Do you want to know why? Because it’s when you have no clue what features make it ideal for your needs. In this review, I’m going to give you with the basic features to help you choose the best. Before buying the best blade for ripping hardwood, you should read the blade’s labels because not all the blades are meant for cutting hardwood. Things to consider are the quality of its construction, high hook degree angle, the gullet depth, and the blade-like Carbide type.

Below are the 5 best blades for ripping hardwood; they are as follows.

A List of Top 5 Best Blades for Ripping Hardwood

Freud 16” x 28T Thick Stock Rip Blade

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Freud 16” LM71MO16 is one of the best rip saw blades designed from high-strength steel to withstand industrial use. It is coupled with unique features that make it exceptional and worth investing in. A pre-tensioned blade comes with anti-vibration with laser-cut for professional finishing that is accurate. And it can work for extended hours with reduced noise. The 24-inch blade’s teeth are designed from TiCo high-density carbide and are coated with Silver I.C.E to reduce resistance, prevent overheating, and resists gumming. So, it is efficient on hardwood works, maximizes the cutting life, and durable.

The diameter of this blade is 16″ wide offers you a high cutting speed through thick hardwood. Besides the speed, its gullet is large between the teeth for easy chip removal. Its tooth is large enough to allow the blades to be sharpened when needed. Thereby, it can prolong the blade’s life and saving you more money.


  • The blade is lightweight, meaning low wattage.
  • Deep gullets with high hook angle enhance faster cutting and easy chip removal.
  • The blade’s tooth is made from high-density carbide, offering long-lasting service.
  • The blades can withstand heavy and industrial use.
  • Improved against corrosion, gumming, and heat resistance.


  • So far, no clients have reported the shortcoming of this product.

Festool 495378 Panther Ripping Blade for TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw – 16 Tooth

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Festool 495378 panther ripping blade is precisely engineered for heavy users and professionals. You won’t be disappointed spending your hard-earned money on this blade. Why? Well, because this blade incorporates an offset tooth design {ATB} that allows you to alternate to the left and right and features 16 teeth. Thus, the blade is excellent in ripping the hardwood more efficient with its deep gullet and high-hook angle. Besides, the thin kerfed blades offer less resistance for precise finishing, thereby producing less waste.

The blades have built laser-cut expansion slots that reduce noise and vibration, making it quieter when cutting. The blade’s arbor allows you to securely fasten the blades to the saw, which also minimizes vibration and for precise finishing.


  • ATB blade
  • Precisely engineered to offer long-lasting service.
  • High-degree hook angle.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Thin-kerfed blade for minimizing material waste.
  • Lightweight


  • Produces rough cross-cuts that will need sanding.

CMT 201.030.12 12″ x 30 Tooth FTG, .126 Kerf, 1″ Bore Table Saw Ripping Blade

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CMT 12” 201.030.12 blade is manufactured from a heavy gauge Rockwell plate from German steel. And its teeth feature micro-grain carbide brazed to the blade’s body through a special tri-metallic bond. So, its balanced manufacturing procedures make it unique for cutting hardwood materials at high performance.

The blade’s efficiency has been boosted with a unique anti-kickback shoulder behind each tooth to minimize inflicting injuries. Besides, the top of the blade is large and flat designed with an aggressive 20-degree hook angle, making it efficient for industrial use. You will reap more from using this blade, for instance, it has been coated to provide less resistance. Do not forget it is also coupled with expansion slots to reduce noise along with an anti-vibration design.


  • Anti-corrosive blade
  • High-quality construction for industrial use.
  • Environmental friendly blade.
  • Long-lasting blade
  • Minimal kickback effects.


  • None

Amana Tool – 610301 Glue Line Ripping 10” Dia

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Amana Tool – 610301 Glue Line Ripping blade also makes it to the top among the best blades in the market designed with quality features in mind. Its triple-chip grind and extra-high hook angle allow for aggressive feed rates yet produce an extra-smooth cut. The plate is thick to cut vibration and also features laser-cut expansion slots that allow the blade to expand and contract from heat.

The blade is also environmentally friendly when using since it is coupled with copper plugs to reduce noise and vibration. It comes with tension rings that maintain the blade’s straightness under the stress of operation. You will enjoy the worth of your money because its carbide tips are extra-large designed to allow you to do more resharpenings. Thus, ensuring it serves you for prolonged periods efficiently.


  • Environmental friendly.
  • Delivers a professional finishing.
  • Long-lasting blade made from high-quality carbide material.
  • Extra high hook angle for aggressive feed rates.
  • Features a tension ring to allow the blade to operate under heavy use.


  • You need to remove the print for the blade to run truer

Luxite Saw 12 inch 40-Tooth Carbide

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If you want a ripping blade that will offer a professional cut and efficient cutting hardwood, Luxite saw 12” with 40-Carbide tooth would be the ideal blade for your needs. It’s also durable. The 12-ich blade features a 20-degree hook angle with a staggered layout. It’s great to cut and produce straighter cuts faster without chipping any piece of the wood with reduced kickback risks. The tips of the blade are manufactured from high-quality carbide material to provide a professional finishing.

This blade has undergone many testing to provide assurance and assistance to the woodworkers and carpenters. The blade can also fit the most table, and miter saw, requiring a 12-inch diameter with a 1” arbor.


  • High-quality Carbide construction and Durable.
  • Fits most tables and miter saws with a 12-inch diameter a one arbor.
  • An extreme 20-degree angle hook angle.
  • High-performance and faster on delivering professional straight cuts and finishing.


  • A bit pricey

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