The Best Clipless Pedals

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It uses a cleat that is tightened to the sole of your shoe, thus engaging the pedal through the mechanical method. To use a clipless pedal, you place your foot on the pedal and move your foot forward or downward to engage the cleat.

Important considerations to keep in mind when looking for a good clipless pedal include:

  • Stack height: This is the distance from the pedal axle to the rider’s sole.
  • Float: This is the degree to which your foot can move around before lifting from the pedal.
  • Cleats: They come in different varieties depending on the pedal, but they are tightened to the sole of your shoes.

Release tension- the amount of force that is needed to disengage your foot from the pedal.

Now that you have a brief idea of what a clipless pedal is, I have organized a review of the top 5 best clipless pedals available currently:

When it comes to cycling, using clipless pedals is a great way to improve your performance and efficiency. Clipless pedals use a cleat system that is attached to the sole of your cycling shoe, providing a secure and efficient way to transfer power from your legs to the pedals. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting the best clipless pedals for your needs:

Stack height: The distance from the pedal axle to the sole of your cycling shoe can affect your power transfer and comfort.

Float: This refers to the amount of lateral movement your foot can make before disengaging from the pedal.

Cleats: Different types of pedals require specific cleats, which are attached to the sole of your shoe.

Release tension: The amount of force required to disengage your foot from the pedal can affect your confidence and safety on the bike.

With these factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 clipless pedals currently available on the market.

A List of Top 5 Best Clipless Pedals

Shimano PD M520 Clipless pedal

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This pedal is an appropriate option for mountain bike riders, and since it has a double-side entry, it is also good for commuters. It applies the same mechanism of controlling and releasing the entry.
Retail price.

The Shimano M520 costs at around $35. This is the price of Amazon shopping platforms. Below is the link to check the product specifications.


  • One pair of Shimano M520 pedal weighs around 380 grams.


  • Its maintenance is quite easy.
  • It has a forward adjustment mechanism
    It is relatively reliable since its price is good.


  • To those who love fussy objects, this is not the pedal for you because it doesn’t have any fancy detail on it.

Time XPro 10 Clipless pedal

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This pedal contains a carbon body and has a hollow steel pin. The carbon blade releases tension when a 3-point cam adjusts it. It has an axle that is concealed where the lubrication spot is.


A pair of this pedal weighs around 230 grams. May vary due to the different updated cleats.

Pros and cons of Time XPRO 10 pedal


  • It is an improved design of the traditional Time Xpresso pedal.
  • Renewed cleat is compatible with the Time XPro pedal. When the cleat is engaged, it hangs.


  • It does not hang when needed to.


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This pedal has a metallic plate at the center that minimizes early wearing out when you are on the road.


  • A pair of this pedal is 278 grams.

Pros and cons of this pedal


  • It has good quality sealed bearings that are easy to maintain.
    Comes with adjustable spring tension.
  • Has durable cleats that are efficient to the racer.
  • A metallic plate along with the profile of the body that maximizes clearance between you and the road.


  • This pedal is quite weighty.


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This pedal comes with an axle with ball bearings at the end of the crank and roller bearings under the pedal that are differentiated by a spacer to help reduce wear and tear.

This pedal is reduced to offer a great angle while the stainless steel sheet on the surface has been modified to 60 mm. Altogether, the pedal has a square-area of 500mm square that enhances pedaling steadiness. It has cleats that are smaller than most pedals.

Total weight of its cleats is 67grams. The whole pedal weighs 261 grams.


  • It is one of the pedals that is easy and safe to engage.
  • It is quiet when it’s been used and is grippy to the sole.


  • Produces an irritable noise when the cleats are dirty. It thus limits mountain riders.

Speedplay Zero Pedal

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The benefit of this pedal is that it can be fully adjusted to suit the rider’s need. The clip mechanism of this pedal can be bolted to your riding shoes so that the pedal can replace the cleat purpose.

If you are concerned by a speed-play pedal’s aero-dynamic capability, you need to worry not because this pedal is the most slippery through the air.

The pedal runs on needle bearings, which need less maintenance.
The cleats of this pedal are light, but they share a two-sided Chromoly entry. The fore-aft can be adjusted alone, and the foot position can be rotated without bringing any effects to other settings.


  • The whole pedal weighs 208 grams.
  • The cleats weigh 121 grams.


  • This material is made of stainless steel.


  • The cleats are walkable.
  • It’s float can be adjusted without affecting other settings on the pedal.
  • The stainless steel makes the material durable and long-lasting.


  • It is inefficient for mountain riders.

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