The Best Cordless String Trimmers

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If you’re looking to trim overgrown grass, flowers, or maintain the edges of your lawn, a cordless string trimmer is an excellent choice. Compared to traditional gas-powered trimmers, electric models are quicker, easier to use, and maintain. You won’t have to worry about storing gasoline or mixing fuel.

However, with so many different models available, it can be challenging to find the best and most valuable string trimmer for your needs. That’s why we’ve done the research and put together a comprehensive guide to help you find the top-rated, dependable, and valuable cordless string trimmers on the market.

With our guide, you can be confident in selecting a string trimmer that meets your expectations and delivers excellent results. These machines work magic on making your home garden, fence, and front face look attractive and clean. Don’t settle for an ineffective model – use our guide to purchase a productive machine.

A List of Top 5 Best Cordless String Trimmers

1. Black + Decker LST201 20V best cordless string trimmer

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(a) Mass – 4.5 pounds
(b) Cutting swath – 10 crawls
(c) Line diameter – 0.065 crawls
(d) Power – 20 volts
Are you looking for a lightweight and durable stringer trimmer this is the best selection for you? Besides, this tool is easy to maintain and use due to its ergonomic and flexible design. Further, the user can eventually adjust the shaft handle and height to find the comfortable working position for you want.
Generally, this model is made with an automatic feed spool, thus someone will not bump the cutting head or release the line manually while working with it. Additionally, this product can effectively convert to edger even without additional attachments. Overall, you will love how durable, affordable, and reliable stringer trimmer recently in the market.
(a) Lightweight
(b) Inexpensive
(c) Easily converts to an edger even without additional attachments
(d) Durable, easy to use, and maintain even for beginners
(a) Small cutting swath
(b) Low voltage battery

2. Husqvarna 128 LD best 28cc 2 cycle cordless string trimmer

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(a) Mass – 11 pounds
(b) Cutting swath – 17 inches
(c) Power – 28 cc
(d) Line length -0.095 craws
This product is well-known to make commercial–grade and high-quality care tools which are easy to maintain and use. The 28 cc power of this trimmer fastens it and also you will love how it is lightweight and enough to take down the thick weeds and grass around someone’s home.
Besides, the advanced air purge modern technology and recoil system ensures easy and quick every time usage of this specific tool. Further, this trimmer head is straightforward to reload when the user runs out of the string. In essence, the materials used to make this product are long-lasting and lightweight to serve the clients for many years.
(a) Lightweight and yet long-lasting
(b) Powerful engine that increases this tools speed
(c) Consistently simple startups
(d) Can eventually convert to cultivator, edger, and pole saw with the Husqvarna attachments
(a) Some users claimed to have difficult times contacting Husqvarna’s clients service when they have unsolved issues
(b) A bit expensive compared to others related

3. Poulan Pro PR28SD best cordless string trimmer 28 cc 2-cycle

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(a) Line length – 0.095 crawls
(b) Power – 28 cc
(c) Mass – 14 pounds
(d) Cutting swath – 17 crawls

The first thing you will love about this product is its price and how durable it is. This tool is delivered with a powerful engine of 28 cc which is an amazing and helpful feature as well. Further, the product is warranted easy starts due to its spring-assisted purge bulb and pull cord which keeps the air out of the carburetor.
Admirably, this product still features the Tap “N” Go” useful line release system. Besides, this trimmer is made with attachments and weight capabilities that make everything easy and comfortable when working with it. Further, it is more versatile and comes with many attachments accessible. Some users reported that is straightforward to convert this product to a blower, edger, brush cutter, hedge, pole saw, cultivator, or trimmer with Poulan’s pro-link. Additionally, this trimmer is a solid and heavy–duty best product when it comes to making your home clean and attractive.
(a) Simple to start modern technology
(b) Safe
(c) Powerful engine
(d) The attachment capable with the pro-link products ( purchased separately)
(a) A bit heavy compared to others
(b) Some clients complained about getting difficulties with bump-feed jamming

4. Ryobi Ry253ss 2-cyle 25 cc cordless string trimmer

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(a) Cutting swath- 18 crawls
(b) Power – 25 cc
(c) Line length – 0.095 crawls
(d) Mass – 12.2 pounds
Ryobi is among the best and much -celebrated string trimmers for the massive yards or eventually the individuals who might need to get their grass trimmed over as rapidly as possible. Its professional grade allows someone to cover much more ground. Further, this tool is lightweight and incredibly versatile.
And you can convert this string trimmer to a leaf blower, edger, hedge trimmer, and other related landscaping tools. Admirably, it features reel-easy and the best trimmer head for simple restringing and a long-lasting full crank engine which can last for long hours as typical half or crank engines. Overall, this product is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use, and maintain according to the current users.
(a) Long-lasting full crack engine
(b) Large cutting swath
(c) The attachment is capable with an extensive variety of selections from Ryobi
(d) Lightweight yet long-lasting
(e) Affordable
(a) The cutting head can get unattached whole in use
(b) Difficult to start

5. Craftsman Ws205 2-cycle 25cc cordless string trimmer

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(a) Line diameter – 0.095 crawls
(b) Power – 25 cc
(c) Cutting swath – 17 crawls
(d) Mass – 13 pounds
Craftsman is a solid selection which is essential and beneficial to your home garden. Besides, this tool comes with a massive engine that makes it operate faster and have your job done within few minutes. Further, its engine is also powerful when it comes to managing the typical lawn.
And also the three-step simple to start modern technology leading to a straightforward start compared with many other related gas trimmers. Along with beneficial features, this tool features easy to carry features, ergonomic, adjustable handle, and vibration dampeners which aid prevent user fatigue. Additionally, this tool can also tackle other related lawn care tools with extra attachments, which saves your storage space and time.
(a) Ergonomic layout
(b) Affordable
(c) Lightweight
(d) Long-lasting due to its superior –quality fabrics
(e) Coverts to other related lawn care tools with the trimmerPlus attachments
(a) The engine sometimes is challenging to start