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Top 10 Best Coyote Sets (2020)

Coyotes and other predators may be a nuisance to your surroundings; hence you may need to eliminate
them out of your vicinity. This article has highlighted some of the best coyote sets and traps that will
help you remove them. You may want to go through our reviews of the top best coyote sets.

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A Review List of Top 10 Best Coyote Sets in 2020


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It is obtained from carnivorous animals’ urine. The urine not only attracts Coyote but also serves other
purposes of keeping the pests away from your hunting area. Furthermore, Pete Rickard’s urine bait trap
has existed and has also been used for a very long time in hunting and trapping. The urine comes in an
odor-proof bottle, and this is one of the best coyote baits.

  • Best use for trapping, hunting and garden pest control
  • Made in the U.S.A


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Milligan is an excellent coyote bait that can be found in the early seasons. It is also sweet, some oil, exotic, and has a pleasant scent that makes it attractive to the coyote hence attracting it. Moreover, it is long-lasting and you will only need one spoon full or even half of it to attract the predator.

  • Not appealing to domestic dogs
  • Use for grey fox & raccoon
  • Best for early season
  • May be a good change-up lure for trap wise fox & coyote, especially early season


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Another fantastic set that lures coyote and is made to be used by the experienced hunters but can also
be of great help to the beginners. It contains a smell of the aged food, a strong meat smell, and a
mixture of lures that can last for more extended periods when putting into wool. The advantage of this bait is that it can be used in all seasons.

  • Variety of lures for coyote trapping in one box
  • Convenient and economical
  • Includes Hawbaker’s Food Lure 400, Mark Steck Highway 61 Predator Bait


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It contains a strong and sweet smell of meat that lures the coyote into your hunting ground. The advantage of this smell is that it’s natural hence does not contain chemicals that are being used in making the smell or taste more intense. Additionally, the trap is big enough and has a long-lasting solution and can be used for a very long time.

  • Complex formulation compounded for intense attraction for all meat eating predators
  • Effective on Felines with tinctured catnip in the formulatio


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It works efficiently in all the seasons, whether hot or cold hence making it one of the reliable bait lures.
However, this lure works very efficiently in cold weather but not that good in spring. It contains natural
ingredients which automatically calls the predator to the hunting area. There may be some diggings
when you are using this set to trap the predators.

  • Highly effective Bobcat attractant
  • An effective curiosity scent


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It is very efficient for any predator which is carnivorous since it will be automatically attracted and
trapped. The “END OF DAY” contains some ingredients which have been appropriately mixed producing a Intense and robust smell. Additionally, it has a bigger bottle with higher volume hence can lure more


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An efficient spray that can be used and applied easily on the trap and the areas around and surrounding
it. This spray is handy; hence once sprayed, it will attract the predator to the trap. However, the
liquid is active and dangerous to human skin; thus, it should be used with a lot of caution to avoid skin
irritation. This spray should also be used in calm weather to avoid being carried away by strong winds.


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Made purely from natural animal flesh, this bait can attract and lure any predator to the trap.
Furthermore, its roasted flavor gives it the advantage to attract the coyote with a lot of ease due to its
sensitive nature and pleasant smell for meat lovers like them.


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One of the best, the efficient and robust lure of all predators and especially coyotes’ and preferred by
experienced and professional hunters. Additionally, this coyote lure can be used in all weather
conditions and will still offer great results to the hunter.


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If you have been looking for the best, durable and quality lure for the coyote then this coyote food lure
400 is the solution. It can be used every season and any time, even in super cold weather conditions, and will give you the required results. Furthermore, it does not contain unnecessary smell but includes
only food that is real and natural to the coyote.


After going through this article, you will know different types of Coyote baits that you
can you to trap the coyotes and other predators that have been disturbing you. However, you need to
select the one that suits you, depending on your area. You will also need to consider the weather in your
area before you choose one.

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