Best Hand Saws for Cutting Wood

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If you’re into DIY home renovations or are a professional tradesman, you need a strong and sharp hand saw. Hand saws are incredibly useful for all types of manual cutting, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. They can be used for things like home renovations, woodworking, carpentry tasks, general maintenance, and more.

We’ve reviewed some of the best hand saws on the market that are both reliable and affordable, and have convenient features. Check out our list for effective and helpful options, and choose the one that works best for you to achieve superior cutting results.

A List of Top 5 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Wood

1. Stanley 20-045 hand saw ( fat max design)

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Stanley’s hand saw allows the user to cut through all types of plastic and wood effectively. The tool comes with a durable nine-teeth-per crawl steel blade for best cutting performance.
The hand saw is also made with a comfortable and ergonomically rubber grip, which reduces slipping. This tool gets used in both carpentry jobs and DIY renovations.
Further, this saw’s back is effectively used to mark 90 and 45 degrees for easy and quicker measuring. You will love the Sharptooth technology in this hand saw, which allows the user to cut straighter cuts without much binding easily.

(a) Great cutting performance
(b) Sharptooth technology cuts 50 percent quicker than the conventional saws
(c) Delivers clean and sharp cuts
(d) Affordable
(e) Easy to use

(a) Not perfect for hardwood and very thick cutting
It might require getting re-sharpened after some usage

2. Vaughan BS24OP hand saw

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Vaughan is a highly versatile and affordable tool. This hand saw is made to offer superior performance to every user. Further, the tool is manufactured with a thin, spring-steel active blade, rust-resistant, and durable.
The thinner blade (0.022-inch) of this tool offers more accurate and faster-cutting results. Again, this hand saw comes with other amazing features such as a blade guard, effective gripping handle, and licking blade, all for protecting the tool’s teeth when stored after use.
Additionally, this hand saw works perfectly when cutting on the pull compared to the push stroke action. You love the 17-inch tri-edge teeth that are super sharp, ensuring the user to achieve straight and clean cuts. The 0.033-crawl wide kerf gives the blade an excellent level of flexibility.

(a) Cuts smooth and straight cut
(b)An outstanding quality
(c)Thinner blade for accurate and faster cuts
(d)Perfects for carpentry and small woodworking tasks

(a) Not perfect for hefty-duty cutting tasks

3. Crosscut N2610 hand saw

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This is the best hand saw to use in more aggressive and rougher cuts. It is manufactured with superior carbon ten teeth-per-crawl and 26-crawl steel blade.
Also, the tool is well-designed for both outdoor and indoor use. You love its comfortable handle, which ensures all cuts are done efficiently and rapidly.
Still, this hand saw is made with a weather-resistant stained hand wood coat and a lifetime warranty. With all the unique and useful features in this hand saw, it guarantees top-quality performances for every cutting task.

(a) Made for aggressive and rougher cutting
(b) Perfect cutting ability
(c) Superior quality
(d) Comfortable handle

(a) Sometimes the blade might be a bit stiff

4. Ryoba double edge hand saw

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Ryoba is made to cut the abrasive and hardwood cuts perfectly. It is also made with a durable and strong saw, which got a 24-crawl blade with 22 teeth-per- crawl.
This hand saw will offer the user with best woodworking control since its blade is ideally held in tension while in use. The tool’s teeth are hardened to deliver quality and exceedingly cute.
Admirably, this hand saw come with some other unique features like cross-cutting teeth on one side and rip teeth on the other side for ease cutting in all types of woods.

(a) Superior –quality Japanese design
(b) Long-lasting hardened teeth
(c) Simple to use
(d) Sharp and clean cutting saw

(a) Not perfect for big heavy-duty tasks

5. Shark Corp 10-2312 hand saw

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You can perfectly use this hand saw in all types of trimming and general cutting tasks. The tool comes with a natural flex for best base boarding, flush cutting, and molding.
The 12-crawl hand saw is made with a robust stainless, durable –steel blade with 14 teeth-per-crawl ensuring fast and smooth cuts in all sorts of wood. Further, this tool has a pistol-style handle, which offers excellent grip, especially if the user is working on very hot days.
The one-year warranty is enough since it will serve you for countless years when you keep the saw oiled and sharpened. In case the blade turns dull, you can successfully replace it.

(a) Ideal for cutting treated and untreated plastic and wood
(b) Delivers smooth and fast cut
(c) Flexible blade in all flush cutting
(d) Replaceable blade

(a) It might be slow with some hardwood
(b) Not perfect for hefty-duty cutting
(c) The pistol design handle can be difficult for some users to use