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Best Horse Manure Forks (2022)

Be it in sports, warfare, work, entertainment, and so on, you probably know that horses are some of the most versatile domesticated animals. As such, owning one is bound to offer you various benefits in terms of:

Race accolades if you are into horse racing,
Help you with your work if you utilize your horse in farming or when herding cattle;
Entertainment for you and your family, especially when you go horseback riding;
Income if you breed horses for sale

Despite all the pros having a horse will afford you, a significant and unappealing task you will have to endure as you attend to these creatures is cleaning after them.

Horses tend to relieve themselves massively, leaving you a lot of manure to clean after them. Therefore, cleaning after a horse can be a tedious and messy affair. To help ease the work and make the process faster, you will find that incorporating a suitable horse manure fork is a worthwhile investment.

To make it easier to choose the best horse manure forks on offer. The article will walk you through five of the best horse manure forks.

A Review List of Top 5 Best Horse Manure Fork in 2021

1. Truper pro 30323 manure fork

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If you want a manure fork that will put some distance between you and the manure without requiring you to be significantly robust to cater to the increased load distance, this is the fork for you.

The fork has a lightweight design that will make lifting manure feel effortless. Moreover, its length will put some distance between you and the pile of manure.

Truper pro incorporates a well-designed handle that will give you adequate grip so that you do not spill the manure each time you lift a pile.

Its durable design also ensures that you will utilize this fork for long.


Well designed handle that will offer you proper cushioning to avoid bruising, and grip for utmost control and balance
A Strong riveted forkhead for added durability
The fork is long enough for distancing you from the pile
Lifetime warranty


If you utilize the fork for lifting things heavier than manure, it might deform.

2. Ames company manure fork

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When it comes to durability, few manure forks can rival this pick. Ames company manure fork utilizes high-quality materials in the fork’s design, resulting in a heavy-duty manure fork that you can utilize in shifting heavy piles of manure. Moreover, it is suitable for use in mixing compost manure and mulching.

The fork’s design also incorporates a cushioned handle for utmost comfort as you go about lifting heavy piles of mulch, manure, and so on.


Hardwood timber that is properly seasoned and treated for durability is utilized in the fork’s handle;
The fork has a cushioned grip that will offer you sufficient comfort as you work.
The fork is well balanced for easy manipulation


The handle’s cushioning might not last as long as you might require hence the need for replacement.

3. Dover saddler forever fork

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If you want a manure fork capable of reaching spots that larger horse manure forks cannot, this is the best horse manure fork I can recommend. The fork has more tines than conventional manure forks, a quality that you will find helpful when dealing with small manure bits.

Moreover, with the word “forever” incorporated in its branding, you expect nothing less in its quality. Its design utilizes high-quality materials like polycarbonate and aluminum that give it unrivaled durability. Moreover, the tines utilize UV Stabilizers to reduce the effects of aging brought about by continuous use in the sun. As such, you will have this horse manure fork with you for long to come.


Smaller tines that make it suitable for handling smaller manure bits
Made from durable materials


The tines might break if subjected to excessive loads.

4. Little giant mature fork

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If you clean after numerous horses, the little giant horse manure fork is a good pick for you.

The Little Giant has 33 % extra capacity than ordinary manure forks. As such, with this fork, you will clean for longer without the frequent need to empty the manure. Moreover, its design incorporates guards at the ends of the fork that prevent the manure you have cleaned up from falling back to the ground. Consequently, you will not need to redo work over and over to get it right.

Its design also incorporates high-quality polycarbonates that give it maximum durability.


Large size
The fork has guards incorporated at its ends


You might find it bulky due to its size

5. Fortiflex manure fork

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If you desire a manure fork that is small, compact, and will deliver on its claims, Fortiflex is the manure fork of pick.

The fork is lightweight at only 2.5lbs. However, you can expect it will offer you sufficient strength to carry out your day-to-day cleaning operations due to the polycarbonate incorporated in its design.

Moreover, its tines are reinforced for maximum durability and slightly pitched for effective cleaning with minimal spills.


Pitched tines


The handle might bend if you lift heavy loads


Manure forks come in various brands with various performances. As such, while selecting manure forks, always consider:

Tine material
Number of tines
The purpose
Curvature of tiles

Moreover, the above-listed forks are some of the best horse manure forks on the market. As such, always opt for them.

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