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Best Horse Tack Boxes (2022)

Good horse tack trunks are essential for keeping your tack organized and clean. You must be wondering what are some of the horse tack boxes to buy. You should worry no more as this review has answers. You now have this list of top best horse tack boxes with you. The next thing is making the choice on the box to buy. All the boxes are good and will give you great services.

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A List of Top Best Horse Tack Boxes

Horsemen’s Pride Tack Box

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Made of polyethylene, the box is durable. It features an interior room which is accommodating western or English saddle. Besides, the box is also secured through use of master lock for adequate safety. It is manufactured in USA.

  • Materials: durable polyethylene
  • Very solid trunk
  • Handy tray and the side handles

Chris Christensen D-Flite Tack Box

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Many people are very excited with this product. It is well packed thus arrives with no damages. The mirror finish is fantastic with solid, quality handle and latches.

Grooming Kit

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It is a 7-piece item for grooming of essentials in nylon tote bag which is durable. Tote is featuring six different exterior pockets for extra storage. It features top drawstring closure. It is convenient and plastic feet to protect the bottom. The webbing handles are comfortable and come with padded and adjusted shoulder straps.

  • 6 exterior pockets for added storage
  • Top drawstring closure and plastic feet for extra protection
  • Convenient handles

Miller Duratote Box

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The box has side walls which are extra thick. Additionally, the compartments are for storage of sprays, creams and brushes. The handles are very easy to carry. The boxes are very strong and stable to use.

  • Extra thick side walls
  • Compartments for brushes, creams and sprays
  • Easy carry handle
  • Sturdy for stable use
  • Keeps tools all in one place

Horsemen’s Pride Ascot Box

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It is a box to keep grooming supplies neat. Plastic removable trays are great for use. Besides, you can store it without breaking down. If you are looking for a box for large bags, boxes and bottles, this is the best bag to go for. It has handles to make carriage easier.

  • Keeps Grooming Supplies neat and includes a plastic removable tray for organization
  • Easily able to be stored
  • Perfect for large bottles, boxes and bags

Tough 6 Piece Secure Grip Design Bag

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It is a convenient bag containing many outer pockets. Additionally, it is bearing adjustable zippered lid and carry strap. It is coming in various colors. Besides, it is coming with flex finishing brush and stiff brisket brush. This is a mane and tail brush, sweet scraper, comb and hoof pick.

  • With multiple pockets on outside, and zippered lid
  • Comes complete with 6 ergonomically-designed Great Grips grooming items: stiff bristle brush, flex finishing brush, tail and mane brush, hoof pick, comb and sweat scraper.

Tough-1 Portable Grooming Organizer

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This bag use nylon/poly grooming carrier. It has a large pocket on front with a grip closure. Additionally, it comes with a shoulder strap for comfort and ease.

  • Shoulder strap for ease and comfort when carrying

Horsemen’s Pride Ascot Box

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It is a box which is made of plastic material. Made in U.S.A, it keeps grooming supplies very nest. The product comes with a removable plastic tray for better organization.

  • Best for large bottles, boxes and bags
  • Handle makes carrying easier
  • Easy to assemble and made in the USA

Classic Equine Fan Bag

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It is a box which has been made through use of Equibrand. Besides, it is supporting box fan of 20×20. It is black in color thus capable of looking clean for long time. The bag is also portable from place to place thus easy to manage.

  • Sturdy nylon webbing resists horseplay
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Space saving design
  • Made by Classic Equine

Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package

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It is a box which is containing grooming items which are ergonomically designed. All the items in the box use tote tough nylon. Lastly, the box is made through use of royal blue color.

  • 7 ergonomically designed grooming items
  • All items in a tough nylon tote
  • Royal Blue in color

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