The Best Hose Timers

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In today’s busy world, timing is everything, even in our gardens. However, keeping our gardens well-watered can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when we have multiple gardens to take care of. Dragging around hoses and walking around every day can be tiring, which is why a hose timer is an ideal solution. A good hose timer ensures your garden gets the hydration it needs without manual watering.

But with so many hose timer options available on the market, it can be challenging to find one that meets your expectations. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide of the most dependable, reliable, and functional hose timers to help you choose the best one for your garden. With our recommended hose timers, you can easily schedule watering times, save time, and ensure your garden looks fresh and beautiful all year round.

A List of Top 5 Best Hose Timers

1. Gideon single-valve best hose timer

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(a) Heavy-duty layout
(b) Rain delay feature ( 78, 48, 24 hours to save the water
(c) Can set the water to come six times every day eventually or once per week when it is raining
(d) Warranty – one year

This unit can run for 240 minutes at a specific time and need two AA cordless to operate. Besides, it comes with automatic water shut-off for preventing the water to continuously run in unwanted instances. Further, the massive display is simple to read and features array information like the remaining duration of the current cycle or preferably how long for the next cycle to start.
You will love the LCD backlit for night visibility. Essentially, the rain delay and manual setting mean the user got the option for skipping the cycles. This product is valid and constructed from high-quality, solid materials and is also waterproof for its added durability. Additionally, this unit’s fantastic and much-celebrated thing is the ECO feature that enables water savings with short watering among the slightly longer intervals.

(a) Backlit display
(b) Reliable timer
(c) ECO setting
(d) Long-lasting and durable
(e) Easy to use
(a) Might experience the fault

2. Rainbird SST600I best hose timer

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(a) Power surge protection
(b) Warranty – one year
(c) Set up active watering areas independently
(d) User-friendly display

This hose timer is designed to be plugged in or hard wired to create a permanent solution for our gardens. Besides, with this unit, the user can effectively set up various zones in his/her garden for different watering durations. Further, it is delivered without cordless; thus, the user does not need to worry about replacing them.
The memory bank is included for storing the user’s garden settings for future remembrances. In addition, this tool is ideal for homeowners who got various kinds of plants which require varied watering attention and cycles. You will love how the memory bank is designed to remind you of everything, including the areas watered and not watered.

(a) Come with a durable, active memory bank for storing settings
(b) No need of replacing the cordless
(c) One-touch seasonal modifications for summer/winter
(d) Will not break your bank account
(a) Large design
(b) Issues with limited watering times

3. Orbit 57876 indoor double 6-station hose timer

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(a) Rain sensor
(b) Simple to read the LCD monitor
(c) Quality materials
(d) Control six sprinkler systems actively

This hose timer is among the best and much-celebrated systems recently in the market. It is perfect for the zones the user has more than one garden to keep watering. Besides, this hose timer allows someone to eventually set the water to eventually come in different zones. In essence, the intuitive controls are designed to be easy when it comes to programing when the user wants the water to come on and for a specific time.
Further, this unit also comes with a rain sensor, so it senses when the rain is about to fall and stops to water the lawn. This device is lovely and ideal for individuals who live in wet climates. When setting this hose timer, you will often come across much moisture because of heavy amounts that come naturally. Thus you can set it to eventually pick up whenever it is raining to save your money and time.

(a) Delivered with Intuitive controls
(b) Simple to set and use
(c) Come with a helpful LCD during the nights
(d) Sets six different stations at a specific time
(a) Requires batteries
(b) Operates perfectly with sprinkler systems

4. Nelson 56600 best hose timer

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(a) Simple to set and use
(b) Hardwearing design
(c) User-friendly interface
(d) Clear, backlit display

Nelson is a simple and affordable hose timer and comes with two valuable functions – the manual on and automatic off settings. The automatic settings turn the water off for one and 120 minutes. Besides, the metal construction is simple to use, while the hardwearing is a fantastic feature, so your product will survive outside without any issues. Plus, it is mechanical compared to other related digital and has a brass swivel inside.

Essentially, this unit is among the perfect hose timers for the homeowners, which come with small yards or garden with little maintenance. Additionally, the automatic shut-off feature with its low price means that the clients will water his/her simple garden comfortably with little effort. You will love its basic layout, lightweight and quality materials.


(a) No cordless are needed.
(b) Affordable
(c) Highly durable
(d) Weather-resistant fabrics

(a) Come with two settings only
(b) It should manually switched on

5. Instapark PWT-O7 – best hose timer

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(a) Power supply – 2* AA cordless
(b) Cycle duration 6 hours per every session
(c) Outlets – one
(d) Warranty – one year

This is among the affordable hose timers. Plus, it’s made with 16 active settings ranging every 10 seconds once per week. Generally, the construction of this unit is among the best recently in the market as it is made with weather resistance and impact ABS fabric. This material is wholly rated at IP66 and waterproof. The cycle duration of this hose timer range six active hours per every session, while also the unit comprises many other related features.

Besides, it well-priced provides LCD and an extensive variety of timing selections to appropriately water many lawn and garden areas. You will love how it is simple to use, which makes it ideal for simple watering schedules. Additionally, it is a heavy-duty hose timer as it is made from plastic and brass with an outstanding ergonomic grip for comfortable and easy usage.

(a) Sturdy and durable
(b) Manual selection with big LCD which is easy to read
(c) ABS fabric with a waterproof rating range of IP66
(d) Great flexibility
(a) Might need an adapter to connect it appropriately


As a result, consider the above-detailed guide comprising of the top-rated and valuable hose timers in 2021. With many different models out there, we selected the best ones for you and affordable prices.