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Top 10 Best Snooker Table Clothes (2022)

The snooker game or known as Billiards or pool game is popular in many parts of the world. It is a game for everyone, from the lowest on the ranks to high state officials. It is a popular game across the globe. In this review, you’ll find our recommended best snooker table clothes you can buy. It sounds simple right?

What To Consider When Buying A Snooker Table Cloth

What’s a snooker table cloth?

This is a fabric that is laid upon a snooker table. It can be compared to grass on the soccer field.

Types of Snooker table cloths

There are two types of snooker table cloths. There is the English snooker table cloth and the American snooker table cloth. The English fabric is woolen, napped or smart and has naps like those of a carpet. This cloth plays denser compared to its American counterpart and is for 7-foot tables or less. The American one is a speed cloth and is less dense compared to the English one. This cloth plays faster and is for 8-foot tables and larger. It is the most preferred as many ‘games of snooker’ prefer a fast game to a slow one.

Why Do You Need A Snooker Table Cloth?

What’s the essence of the cloth? The game would still be playable even if the snooker tabletop were wooden or even metallic. But, the fabrics are the essence as they play a vital role in the speed of the game. The cloth also affects the elevation of the table and the general balance of the balls on the table.

1. Thickness
The thicker the cloth, the more durable it believed to be. Thicker fabrics tend to last longer as compared to their less dense counterparts.

2. Colour
Different people have different tastes and preferences, and the colour is one of them. Some prefer bright colours to dark colours. One must get what they want hence the reason they are available in s variety of colours

3. Game Speed
The needed game speed informs a buyer to settle on the specific type of cloth they want to buy. For faster games, the American fabric will come in handy. The slower games? You should consider the English Cloths.

FAQs on the Best Snooker Table Clothes

What is the best snooker table cloth?

Your preference informs the choice of a snooker head. We recommend the Hainsworth smart snooker cloth, which is best for slow-paced games. For fast games, we would go with the Surmente Polyester. It is a long-lasting one and has a vast collection to choose from. It is also pocket-friendly in comparison to the others.

Can you use other fabric instead of the snooker table cloth?

Other clothes are not suitable for the snooker game and may cause a lot of discrepancies in the game or even alter the gameplay.


You should have enough information before getting the snooker table clothes. Snooker is a game that is worth the effort.

A List of Top 10 Best Snooker Table Clothes

Hainsworth Smart Snooker Cloth

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This is a high-density snooker table cloth made by Hainsworth group. It is a slow play cloth as it is napped, this to some extent explains its origin. It is an English cloth produced in the United Kingdom. It’s a great deal as it is sold with an extra cloth, bed and cushion cloths for the 12-foot table. It is available in a wide array of colours ranging from wine-red to forest green.

8′ ProLine Orange Classic 303 Snooker table cloth

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This snooker table cloth comes in one color (Orange). It is the theme color of its production company Proline ®.Uts a classic table cloth that has a thickness of 0.6mm. The 12 foot and 9-foot sizes can be found in more than 51 colors. It’s a fantastic deal considering the rail cushions.

Collapsar Heavy Duty 600D

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This type of snooker table cloth comes in an all polyester canvas. If you are looking for a long-lasting table cloth, you should probably settle for this one. It also has a wide variety of colours to choose. The colors include beige, black, wine red, forest green, coffee brown, grey and sky blue.


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This is available in 9-foot size. It comes with a 0.6mm thickness and is more wear-resistant and durable in comparison to the rest of the cloths in production. It comes with a one-year product warranty and a free replacement in case of unexpected wear and tear. It is available in only three colours: blue, red and green.

Boshen Heavy Duty

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This is a high-quality snooker table cloth and is 0.7mm, 0.8mm, and 0.9mm thick, slightly thicker than the rest of the table cloths. It comes in the 7 foot and 8-foot sizes. It’s made of pure felt, and the 7 foot is available in Blue, green and red whereas the 8-foot size is only available in wine red and forest green.

Baosity Professional

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This is an all felt snooker table cloth. It is available in a thickness of 0.6mm, and it is a very durable one. It has a broad spectrum of colour to choose.

Simonis 860

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This snooker table cloth is mostly custom made. You can tailor it to suit your need. The default size is 9 by 4.7 feet. It is a worsted snooker table cloth and comes with a six-piece felt strip. Available in 27 colours.

Tachiuwa Heavy Duty

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This comes in 7 and 8-foot sizes with six stripes of felt. It has a 0.9mm thickness.  It is available in 6 colours with an exclusive offer of a cedar cue stick for any two purchases made at the store.

Worsted Blend Fast Speed

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This is the unique table cloth with unique patterns and a creative blend of colour. It is available in the 7,8 and 9-foot sizes. It has a thickness of 0.9mm and is available in three colours red, green and blue.

Surmente Rectangular Polyester

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As the title states, this is an all polyester table cloth. It is 0.9mm thick and is available in all sizes.
It is a great one and comes in all colours; This is the most dynamic table cloth that gives you a lot of options to choose.

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