The Best Sleep Masks

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If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to get quality sleep while on the go. Whether it’s on a plane, train or in a hotel room, a good sleep mask can help you get the rest you need. The right sleep mask should effectively block out light and be comfortable to wear. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and narrowed down the top sleep masks for travelers.

A good sleep mask is not only helpful in blocking out light but also in promoting deeper and more restful sleep. With advancements in technology, sleep masks have become more effective in providing complete darkness for the user. They are also designed with comfort in mind, so you can wear them for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

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A List of Top Best Sleep Masks for Travel

Sleep Mask Sleepfun Invisible Alar Deep Orbit 3D Eye Mask Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable

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Taking the fifth spot on our list, this is one of the best deals you can ever come across on the market. The mask comes with a deeper eye-cup design which allows you to freely blink without coming into contact with your eyes and eyelashes.

Additionally, this feature prevents the mask from touching the eye makeup when used by ladies.

The mask is made of breathable foam material that remains gentle to the skin to ensure maximum comfort as you slumber.

The advanced design of the sleep mask delivers complete darkness letting you fall into sleep quicker when also ensuring a comfortable fit. The foam is free from smell to create that perfect sleeping environment.


  • The adjustable strap means that the sleeping mask most people.
  • The storage bag provides a perfect place for storage when the mask is not in use.

It features a lightweight design that won’t exert pressure on your face as you sleep.


  • Hand Wash: Avoid wringing.
  • Machine Wash: Use a laundry bag to help avoid deformation.

Cotton Sleep Eye Mask-2019 New Design

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This updated version offers greater comfort, its cuter and blocks light more effectively than its predecessor. The mask employs the patented bending cartilage design to perfectly block away light from accessing through the nose area.

Additionally, the triangle wing design combines with the soft cotton material to prevent the mask from moving when asleep and to ensure comfort so that you wake up refreshed.

The five layers of breathable material remain soft to the eyes. The adjust-ability of the mask makes it perfect for any head size.


  • The upgraded version is larger to completely block away light from finding its way.
  • The design ensures minimum pressure on the face.
    The improved strap is wider, thicker, and softer for user comfort.
  • It is only available in two colors, black, and grey.

ALASKA BEAR Luxury Sleep Eye Mask for Women & Men

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If you are looking for the best sleep mask for travel that will provide complete blindfold for total darkness, this would be a perfect option.

The state-of-the-art design at the nose section prevents any type of light from penetrating to the eyes. For comfort, it features dual layers that also offers perfect air permeability.

The headband is super soft to ensure comfort and easily adjusts to suit different persons. The 3D contoured shape of the mask provides a larger area for the eyes than the traditional masks could to ensure free blinking.


  • It is guaranteed to provide quality sleep.
  • The 3-D design ensures that the mask doesn’t rub against the eye makeup.

YIVIEW Sleep Mask Pack of 3

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Coming as a trio, this would be a perfect option for anyone in need of multiple sleep masks for travel.

It is also made of high-quality materials to guarantee durability. The skin-friendly materials release facial stress while offering breath-ability to prevent sweating as you sleep.

Moreover, it features an ergonomically-designed headband for unsurpassed user comfort.

The mask comes backed by a 12-month warranty just in case they do not meet your needs to the letter.


  • The price is great having in mind that the package comes in a set of three
  • They are highly durable
    The quality of the materials is great


  • It is not the best in the market.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

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Being the customers’ favorite, this picks the top position as the best sleeping mask for travel. The mask comes at a pocket-friendly price that suits almost every pocket. Additionally, the premium-quality fabric delivers unparalleled comfort.

The unique design completely blocks light penetration to give you quality sleep, making it ideal for people suffering from insomnia.

Moreover, the fully adjustable straps will not tangle hair like most headbands would do.


  • The dual tension bands are easy to adjust
  • The mask is available in 13 different colors for different styles and outfit.
  • It doesn’t exert much pressure at the nose


  • The price isn’t the best on the market

Manta Sleep Mask – 100% Blackout Eye Mask

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The Manta is one of the top rated sleeping masks available. Its unique design makes it favorable for most frequent travelers. If you’re looking for a great way to help you take a good nap when in flight, then we highly recommend this product.

  • Adjustable eye cups mold
  • Made to last with super-soft modal eye cups, breathable cotton velour strap, snag-free micro hook/micro fleece closures and industrial-grade elastics
  • Designed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment

ZIMASILK 100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask

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ZIMASILK eyes mask is super-soft, super smooth environmentally . It is made of 100% high-quality 19mm. Moreover, it makes you feel breathable, cool relaxation while using it. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation eye, slow eye congestion, prevent dark circles, bags under the eyes. Enjoy sleep anytime and anywhere, whether it is at home, in a hotel or on the plane (where bright light and dry air can be especially harsh).

  • Good material and lightweight
  • Create good environment sleep
  • Various colors and patterns

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