The Best Accent Chairs

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Adding an accent chair to your room can elevate its overall look and feel. To ensure a cohesive aesthetic, it’s important to consider matching the chair with other items in the room, such as through color or pattern decoration. This will help the chair stand out against your other furniture and create a new design element that compliments the space.

When choosing an accent chair, consider its style and how it will balance with your sofa. It’s also important to think about how you will use the chair, and select a fabric that will suit its intended purpose.

Decide on the optimal placement for your accent chair to create an inviting and uncluttered space that allows for easy movement. This will enhance the overall atmosphere of the room and make it more enjoyable to spend time in.

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A List of Top 5 Best Accent Chairs

Modway Engage Mid-century Accent Chair

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Modway is a stylish and comfy accent chair designed in a modern fashion. It is perfect to fit in your office, living room, verandah, study room, or bedroom. Modway accent chair brings an elegant look in your room and is a charming seat that you wouldn’t want to miss.

This accent chair is 35 in wide, 27 in tall, and 41 in deep. Crafted from polyester fabric, the chair features a cherry color solid rubber wood legs. The rubbers’ significance is to absorb the pressure weight. You can also move the chair with ease and around when decorating your room or doing house chores.

The solid wood legs are strong and durable enough to hold a weight capacity of up to 440 lbs. The 6 inch thick supportive cushions provide maximum comfort with a fine upholstery fabric. It comes with 3 tufted buttons. The tufted buttons adds a visual appeal to your room to be memorable.

Boasted by tailored lines, The Modway accent chair looks more distinctive collection worth to have in your room. The backrest frame is strong, thick cushioned, and inclined to offer maximum comfort to your lumbar region. Also, the armrest frame is steady that supports firmly a lot of weight pressure while climbing out of the chair.

Thus, Modway should be a preferred seat suitable for passing the time while reading, delving deep into conversation with visitors, or sipping a steaming cup of tea. If you are a fan of more modern designs, then Modway accent chair would be your best choice and relevant to your personality. To get such an elegant look in your room, it is worth spending $505 and is available in different attractive colors that are aesthetic to your room.


  • Strong enough to support a lot of weight up to 440lbs, thus reliable.
  • It comes with different varieties of colors that are appealing.
  • The cushion is massively thick which is comfortable.


  • It is expensive to maintain and hard to purely clean the splashes that may bleach the polyester fabric.

Stone and Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Accent chair

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This elegant and charming accent armchair brings out a touchy and welcoming warmth to your guests. This chair’s quality build is the critical factor that makes it stand out among other accent chairs on the market. Why? Because of its elegance and persuasive appeal. This chesterfield accent chair sits 50 inches wide, 39 inches deep, and 30 inches tall, making it a luxurious size and perfect for any room. Chesterfield enormous size portrays a philanthropic and a bossy status.

The chesterfield accent chair is made with an engineered kiln-dried wood frame covered with a soft and relaxed upholstery. The tufts, buttons are hand-tailored and sturdy upholstery materials are made from high-quality leather. It looks beautiful while resisting daily wear and tear. You shouldn’t be worried if it gets stained with dirt or any spillage since it can be wiped with a soft dry cloth, and the dust can be lightly vacuumed away.

This chair also features an easy to attach wood legs that are curved and durable and can support a lot of weight. The advantage with the attachable legs is that it can be replaced when damaged or broken instead of storing the chair in your store. The chesterfield accent chair is a classy chair with a reversible seat and long-lasting thick cushion that is firm and comfy.

The feature that makes this Chesterfield accent chair a unique quality. It is ergonomically designed for everyone. The seat height is medium leveled, suitable for either a tall or short person. The seat depth is average enough. It can allow you to sit for a more extended period without experiencing pelvic girdle tension/fatigue. The seat leaning posture is inclined to reduce the lumbar region tension or pain. Why? Because your back is fully supported at an upright angle with a comfortable headrest. Stone and beam Bradbury chesterfield accent chair is pure luxury that worth’s your attention after a busy long day at work. It costs approximately about $928.


  • It is comfortable and luxurious.
  • The leather material is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is made of strong and durable materials.


  • It is immense, thus covering a larger space in your room.

Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair

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Rivet Farr is the bold yet straightforward designed chair that looks amazing and matches your room’s aesthetic. The chair sits 33.9 in deep, 39.8 in wide, and 33.9 in tall; it is comfortable and large enough to allow you to position yourself sideways or even cross-legged. The cushioning is firm and supple. You can appreciate its ergonomic support for sustained lounging without tiring. It is also flexible. You can get a throw pillow to support your arms or if you want to sleep and even light enough to move by yourself without much stress. A brand new Rivet Farr costs approximately $609, comes fully assembled without defects.

The Lotus accent chair’s quality and craftsmanship has a stainless steel base with plywood-reinforced frame upholstery. Evenly stretched, the skinny steel legs contrast the size of the chair itself, giving the chair a floating effect. The fabric material is reminiscent of soft denim mixed with a retro flair. It is comfy and durable, thus suitable for minimal decors that will serve great for years to come. The dirt on soft denim fabric can be vacuumed away and the stains can be cleaned using a clean wet towel.

Furthermore, this chair’s flexibility provides a good cross posture for reading in privacy with a lot of ease and comfort. Lotus accent chairs come in different fabric colors that will make the room stand out elegantly if correctly blended with the room’s interior decoration.


  • It is flexible and lightweight.
  • The seat is wide enough that allows you to position yourself either sideways or even cross-legged.
  • It provides ergonomic support on the lumbar region if you position yourself sideways.


  • The lumbar support is poorly angled; hence it requires a lumbar pillow for those who prefer a more upright back.

Todman High-back Accent Chair

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This accent chair is great fit in a small area of a room. The Todman high back is a good buy because of its fabulous focal view that combines charming style and superior comfort. Thus, it is best suited in your bedroom, office, by the fireplace, or your library. This stunning high back accent chair is timeless yet so of-the-now with its curved design and spotlight on snugness. Todman is tasteful with its tufted backrest design. Its elements of traditional and on-trend design will decorate the room to become your new favorite chill-out zone.

Todman’s high back deluxe design is an authentic investment piece with a premium and elegant detailed finishing that can hold up to 300 lbs. The neat armless chair frame is covered in soft but durable fabric. The plump seat cushion retains its shape over time and gently cradles your body. Also, the seat and the edges are protected from tearing apart by the undulating edges all over. The tufted backrest upholstery is inclined and long enough to support your back, helping relieve spinal tension. The cushion is 6 inches thick, comfortable, and reliable, which doesn’t suck in that provides an effortless climbing out.

Crafted with high-quality wood legs, the Todman is robust, durable, and easy to put together. You’d spend not less than half an hour by following the manual instructions. Attached by nuts or screws, The wooden legs are replaceable if broken. Todman’s high back accent chair varies in different colors that match the savvy interior-decor of your room to bring you years of pleasure. Order this fabric accent chair at only $251 to style up your space, then snuggle down in comfort.


  • Reasonably priced and affordable.
  • Luxurious outlook and comfy.
  • It is lightweight, hence easy to move around while doing house chores.


  • Too low, hence not appropriate for tall people.

Evelyn Mid Century Mocha Walnut Accent Chair

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Mocha Walnut is an crafted piece of an accent chair that adds a peaceful attitude to any home after a long day at the office. Mocha sits 32.28 in wide, 31.5 in long and 32.68 in tall on 4 plucky rubber legs. It absorbs the pressure weight, hence preventing the wooden legs from breaking. The seat is wide and comfortable with tailored tufted upholstery fabric that adds a retro-looking design. The cushion is 7 inch thick. It is firm to provide cozy support that doesn’t suck you in when you sit. It also provides effortless time climbing out of it.

Mid-century look design doesn’t take much space. And due to its perfect middle ground size, is recommendable to fit in your room, office, library, and lounge. The Evelyn accent chair backrest will provide a comfortable lumbar region. Thus, it doesn’t make you feel overstuffed compared to other super tall ends and positions you above the ground. The Evelyn Mid Century Mocha Walnut Accent Chair can support or recline your legs on a pouf or table.

It is straightforward to put together by yourself, which cannot consume more than half an hour. The product comes with assembly manual and labelled diagram that is easy to follow. Those interested in a fun, retro-looking accent chair will go gaga over Evelyn Mid Century chair that cost only $236.99.

Evelyn Mid Century is solid with hard wooden legs and durable frames that can support up to 400lbs. Furthermore, it is lightweight in nature making it flexible to move and carry around while doing house chores or decorating the room. The armrest is firm and comfy enough to support you while climbing out of the chair with a lot of ease.

Covered by a fabric material, the accent chair looks thick, soft and long lasting. You can keep it clean using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Evelyn Mid Century is an exclusive VIP modern accent chair. It’s great because of its rich looking, simple, accurate description color. The chair will blend with the wall paint color and other furniture in your room.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Recommendable for people with spinal problems.
  • Its average size doesn’t take up a lot of space in the room.
  • Its lightweight nature makes it flexible to carry around/move.
  • Easy to put together because it has a labeled diagram that is easy to follow up.


  • The average backrest height is uncomfortable and not recommendable to those who are tall beyond 6.5ft.

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