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Best Cordless Leaf Vacuum Mulchers (2022)

When dealing with leaves in the yard, a good leaf vacuum makes the difference. When dealing with a mass of leaves, you need something reliable and something that comes more than your backyard, and that’s where the best cordless leaf vacuum mulcher comes in.

With the current market overflowing with all types of these products, you might want an easier way out. We have done the hard part for you by researching the best 5 cordless leaf vacuum mulchers you can buy. This guide will make your search straightforward.

What Makes a Good Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?
Making work easier is an option gifted to you when you get yourself the best cordless leaf vacuum mulcher. It would be best to make a better option to run your work more enjoyable in the yard than ever. Since you have got what it entails to get an impressive leaf Vacuum Mulcher for your homestead, reaching the market may be a better choice for you before time elapse.

Before going to the market to fetch a leaf Vacuum Mulcher of your choice, it’d be best to understand what you need and the features to look for.

Blowing power is crucial in any leaf Vacuum Mulcher—consider checking the MPH, which tells you how fast the blower air is moving. A good leaf Vacuum Mulcher should have a higher power capacity. The machine with a higher MPH performs more than the one with a lower MPH.

Reliability/ warranty
Being confident with your equipment is very important to some level. Buying a leaf Vacuum Mulcher is like investing, and you must get your money’s worth from the machine. You are encouraged to seek durable and high-quality equipment that may last longer. Some leaf Vacuum Mulchers have a warranty of one year, some two years while others more. It would help if you considered a machine with a more duration of time of contract.

Bagging capacity
Bagging the leaves is an environmentally friendly option and should be considered. Best leaf Vacuum Mulchers have got a bagging capacity of up to 1.5 bushels. When considering a leaf Vacuum Mulcher, you get advised to look for higher bagging capacity units.

Included accessories
Included accessories in the leaf Vacuum Mulcher may positively alter the performance of the machine. This performance may bring a more significant impact on your yard cleanup. Still, the accessories may seem less important, but you should consider them for better performance and much more accessible work.

A List of Top 5 Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

WORX WG512 Vacuum Mulcher

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Worx works as a Mulcher, a blower, and a vacuum. The device gets designed to change from a blower to a vacuum with a tap of a finger. This machine is advantages since it can be mulch all day long according to the user’s wishes. The Worx Max works very quickly in the yard; hence does not require you to work all day long.

The Worx Leaf Vacuum Mulcher is strong and very wide, up to 600 cubic feet per meter. Also, the device has got high capacity and volume, making you clear your property with fewer passes forth and back. Furthermore, the Worx have got bags that get used in collecting and composing. And to make things better, the bugs come got an easy release.

Features and Pros

  • Detachable bag
  • One-handed operation
  • A strong stream of air
  • Proprietary design
  • Metallic impeller


  • No adjustable length feeding tube

Black+decker BV3600 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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Black + Decker bv3600 is a very standard machine used for innovation under the designer of power tools. The Vacuum Mulcher also gets used as a home product and outdoor yard care equipment. No single tool is needed to switch between the vacuum and the blower; hence it is automatic.

Furthermore, the Black plastic bv3600, as got at 230 mph blower, can grind up to 10 bags of mulch into one. Also, black + Decker hard been a global manufacturing machine with a broad line of quality products used around and even at home. This machine is the most reliable and efficient while doing your work at home.

Features and pros

  • Reliable and Efficient Motor
  • High mph blower
  • Trigger switch
  • Pistol grip


  • Exhaust blows in the operator’s face.

Black+decker BV6600 Vacuum Mulcher

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Black + Decker bv6600 also serves as a Mulcher vacuum or a blower. The equipment has got up to 250 mph blower and can blow through leaves with much ease. You may be looking for equipment that has got lower noise, and then here we go; black + Decker bv6600 has got up to 50% quieter units for less sound while blowing the leaves.

Additionally, black + Decker bv6600 has a height of fun that impacts and prevents closing up of the mouth when mulching the leaves. The device can grind up to 16 bags of mulch into one. Also, it has got a variable speed selection for matted leaves and flower beds. Furthermore, black + Decker bv6600 has acquired a 12 amp motor that is 3 in 1 Blower, Mulcher, and vacuum, and this keeps the yard tidy.

Features and Pros

  • 250 mph blower
  • High performance
  • Disposable leaf bags
  • 12 amp motor
  • Less noisy


  • Accumulate a lot of leaves along the inner seams.

Worx WG518 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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The next-in-line leaf Vacuum Mulcher is the Worx WG518 with an electric leaf blower, Mulcher, and vacuum. These fixtures prove that the machine is a robust metal impeller that provides an impressive 16:1 mulching ratio. Worx wg510 leaf Vacuum Mulcher is lightweight and very easy to use while working in your yard.

Furthermore, the equipment is versatile for both heavy-duty jobs and light jobs. This leaf Vacuum Mulcher can match up to 1.2 bushels into the bag at a ratio of 16:1. Also, you can clean your driveway, deck, sidewalk, or yard with this multi-purpose leaf Vacuum Mulcher with no more worries since it is much easier to use.

Features and pros

  • Metallic impeller
  • Multipurpose Design
  • 12 amp electric blower
  • Lightweight and Easy to use


  • Small bagging capacity

Sun Joe IONBV-XR Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

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Lastly, we have got the sun Joe leaf Vacuum Mulcher that makes cleanup a breeze. This machine has brought a revolutionary rechargeable blower, Mulcher, or vacuum. Also, San Joe has got a 40 v lithium-ion battery-powered by a blower Pack. Additionally, this machine has got up to 56 min of runtime. This runtime makes it suitable for heavy and light-duty household applications, including walkways, garages sweeping porches, and even patios.

What’s more, this San Joe Mulcher also is used in light snowfall cleanup. Also, the equipment has got six variable speed settings, Mark, which regulates the wind to suit the task by just a flick of a switch. Furthermore, Sanjay has an interchangeable tube design that collects up to 16-gallon bags with the 200 mph blower.

Features and pros

  • Lightweight
  • 40 v lithium-ion battery
  • Interchangeable tube design
  • Speed setting Tailor
  • Rechargeable


  • Short battery life.

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