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Best Handheld Seed Spreaders in 2020

When it comes to spreading seeds, there are a number of options. Some people use a shoulder seed spreader. You’ve got a beautiful garden to tend to? In this review, we’ll walk you through our recommended, best handheld seed spreaders.

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Top 10 Best Handheld Seed Spreaders in 2020

Stalwart Handheld Spreader

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It is made of durable plastic material. The seed spreader is portable and a multi-functional tool that can be used during any season. The spreader is easy to use since it has a twist-off lid which allows you to fill the salt and seed shaker with your desired content. It has an ergonomic handle that is designed to be spacious to accommodate larger hand sizes. The seed shaker holds a capacity of up to 2.3 L thus covering a large distance without making many returns to refill. Overall, we recommend this product for its best uses for seed or fertilizer.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Twist off lid

Scott Wizz Handheld spreader

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This is a battery-powered spreader, which means you don’t have to hand crank so you can hold the spreader down by your side hence automated. It has a handle with a trigger to start spreading. It has a large dial on the end of the unit where you can set your flow rate which is shown on the back of the garden product packaging. It is easy to use and highly versatile since any granular product can be spread using it.

  • Battery-powered spreader
  • Designed to cover up to 2,500 sq. ft. using Scotts lawn care product
  • 5-foot broadcast with control of EdgeGuard Technology
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries with 23 settings for unbeatable accuracy

Chapin 8415OA AII season Poly Hand Crank Spreader

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The spreader has a lightweight construction so it suits to be ergonomic and perfect for long use. It is ideal for small yards. It is versatile for use in spreading seeds and ice melt. It is made in an attractive red-color and a crank-design. Chapin 8415OA is a durable product and comes at an affordable price.

  • 1.5-Liter / 92-Cubic Inch capacity scoop spreader
  • Compatible with fertilizer, seeds and salt / ice-melt
  • Easy-crank design
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Best for small areas

Yard Tuff YTF 25SS shoulder spreader

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The seed spreader features a high capacity of 25 lbs. It is a lightweight product which makes it convenient and comfortable. This product is also durable since all gears are made of metal. It has a calibrated flow rate adjuster which allows it to satisfy various needs. Yard Tuff YTF has a bag made of canvas material that is easy to close and has an adjustable strap that can suit any user.

  • Made of all metal gears and tough canvas material
  • Built to last
  • Easily zips and has an adjustable strap
  • The calibrated flow rate adjuster
  • Assembly is fast and easy

Buyers ATVS100 Spreader

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It is made of a durable and rustproof poly hopper with a capacity of 100 lb. it is highly versatile hence capable of distributing free-flowing materials like seeds and fertilizers. It has a rain cover which makes it usable even when it is raining. This product is ideal for farming, hunting, landscaping, or grounds maintenance.

  • Durable, rustproof poly hopper has 100 lb capacity
  • 12V motor is mounted inside the hopper to stay protected while in use
  • Distributes free flowing materials such as seed, feed, and fertilizer

Earthway 2750 Hand Operated bag spreader

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This product is made in a design that features a contoured molded base together with adjustable shoulder straps which makes it easy to use. It comes with a rocking agitator which gives an easy feeding to the distribution plate. The Hand-operated bag spreader is versatile for various seeding activities. You can easily fill and close the spreader since it has a zippered top. It has an oscillating shut-off plate that ensures smooth operation.

  • Weather-resistant nylon build
  • Sturdy and collapses
  • Flow-rate adjustment and on-off control switch
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and a long crank handle

Scotts Snap System Spreader

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The spreader is simple to operate since it is simply snap, lock and go. It is of lightweight hence easy to handle. This is a versatile tool hence making it ideal for the distribution of a variety of products such as seeds and fertilizers. Scotts Snap System Spreader is convenient to store since it has a folding handle design. It has been designed to administer and direct product only where it is needed. Once a task is completed you simply fold the spreader and store. It has a feature of Scotts Exclusive EdgeGuard and Handylock technologies which makes it easier to use.

  • Features Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard and HandyLock Technologies
  • Fold-down handle makes storage easier
  • For use only with Scotts Snap Pac

Morata Best Seed spreader with scooper

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This is a versatile tool since it can be used to spread seeds, fertilizer, rock salt and pesticides. It has a handy scoop to fill the seed spreader hence no burden of lifting the heavy bags. It has an adjustable hole size for spreading seeds during the summer and rock salt during winter. Morata Best Seed spreader has an ergonomic handle hence easy to carry and can accommodate different size hands. It has fewer refills with a larger dispenser.

Scott Easy Hand-held broadcast spreader

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The spreader is durable due to its rustproof nature which ensures it can stay in a good condition for a longer time. The spreader is also fully assembled during purchase hence easy to use. It is a multi-purpose tool and can be used for spreading seed, ice melts, and other granular products on small yards.

Scotts Handy Green II Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader

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It comes when completely assembled thus is convenient and easy to use. It has an ergonomic design which reduces wrist fatigue while working. This tool is made of a rustproof material hence long-lasting.

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