The Best High End Home Theater Speakers

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Home theaters are great electronic devices that can bring the audio quality of a real theater to the comfort of your home. But, just having a home theater is not enough, you also need to find the right speakers to go with it. Only then will you be able to fully enjoy the awesome sound experience. We have put together a guide to help you find the best high-end home theater speakers.

Our reviews will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Best Audio Receivers

A List of Top 10 Best High End Home Theater Speakers

Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer

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Wary of the deafening sounds? Choose to work with this subwoofer speakers. Its sound output is deep and clear yet not too loud. It is hence unlikely to block your ears.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Powered Subwoofer

A powered subwoofer ranks first among its most venerable traits and features. It does emit extra deep bass while at the same time mimics the real-life sounds.

Louder Clearer Sounds

In all, the gadget does generate louder and clearer sounds. Thanks to this output, the speakers are able to give you a balanced musical output that is rich in deep sounds.

In-built 50-Watt RMS Ampere

Also abundantly present in this speaker system is a built-in 50-watt ampere. This is the one that ejects the sound outputs to the exterior environment in a reliable manner.


  • Integrates easily to the existing systems
  • Manages a robust frequency response
  • Installs faster and instantly when deployed
  • Has a sleek and detachable front grille
  • Possesses an excellent sound output mechanism


  • Its sound output is not really loud
  • Only suitable for small to mid-size rooms
  • Cannot pair with quite a number of accessories

Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth

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Want to enjoy the ease of sharing data with other likeminded gadgets? You have a worthy companion in this particular set of speakers. It is able to do so via Bluetooth and hence does not need a cable for the job.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

True 5.1 Surround Sound

At its core is the true 5.1 surround sound dissipation mechanism. With this comes the added benefit to fill whole rooms with exceptional sound output.

160 Watts of Room-filling Sound

The surround sound is the ability of the speakers to fill the entire rooms with sounds. This is largely brought about by the 160W of sound output it delivers.

Better Bluetooth

For your expedited signal transmission, you have a better Bluetooth for your leverage. It is this mechanism that allows for seamless wireless transmission of the data and signals.


  • Compact enough to put just about anywhere
  • Supports a host of satellite speakers and cables
  • Enables optimal placements in all kinds of spaces
  • Portable enough to take just about anywhere
  • Mounts easily to allow for expedited handling


  • Prone to the risk of signal interference
  • May not augur well with some gadgets
  • Demands above-average expertise to operationalize

Samsung 54 W RMS SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker System Wall Mountable Black Model SWA-8500S/ZA

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Could it be that the only space that is available in your room is the walls? If you nodded in the affirmative, this wall-mountable set of speakers is what you have to look up to.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Samsung sound+ Soundbars

The Samsung sound and soundbars rank first among the awesome features. These two parts are wireless and hence do not clutter your home.

Immersive Surround Experience

Together, the home theater speaker system deliver immersive surround sound experience. You will find it awesome for showcasing movies, sports and a host of favorite shows.

Plug-and-play Installations

This system comes ready for use and installation. You plug it in and there you have it. On the strength of this, you won’t clutter your rooms at all.


  • Expands your existing sound systems
  • Gives off deep and immersive sound outputs
  • Connects and attaches to many external speakers
  • Accepts the inputs of signals via the wireless format
  • Facilitates a number of shows and plays


  • Cannot stand on its own
  • Likely to interfere with the state of your walls
  • Contains some delicate parts and components

JBL Bar 3.1 – Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar with 10” Wireless Subwoofer

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Wanting to stream some 4K UD video? You cannot rely on your normal set of speakers for the job. Instead, you have to emphasize the one that is similarly optimized for the same, like this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

450W System Power

With the ability to deliver a whopping 450W of power, the system is truly efficient. It’s able to imbue your whole room with refreshing sounds. The sound outputs are clearer, have thrilling bass and truly stable.

JBL Bar 3.1 Sound Bar

To dispense the sound output, the system makes use of the JBL bar 3.1 soundbars. This works hand in hand with the Dolby Digital and the surrounding systems to deliver crisp clear quality sound output.

Wireless Streaming

Unlike many home theater speakers, this one does use wires to stream the contents. Instead, it relies on fixed Bluetooth to do the job.


  • Generates clearer dialogs and conversations
  • Switches back and forth the various modes with ease
  • Amplifies the weaker sounds with absolute precision
  • Streams contents wirelessly for your own convenience of use
  • Manages true 4K connectivity with numerous ports


  • Comes at too high a cost
  • Takes slightly longer to fix in place
  • A simple user may find it somewhat complicated to handle

Klipsch R-52C Powerful detailed Center Channel Home Speaker – Black

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Is your room too large? We invite you to attempt this home theater speaker system. It is by far the most powerful and far-reaching of all the speakers we have under our reviews.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Tractrix Horn Technology

The 90×90º Tractrix horn technology ranks first among the many of the speaker system. The technology guarantees a higher frequency output that the system delivers.

Linear Travel Suspension Tweeter

A linear travel suspension tweeter ranks in second. This tweeter minimizes distortions thus hence delivers enhanced and detailed performances.

Spun Copper IMGWoofers

The sound outputs use the injection-molded Graphite (IMG) woofer cones. These are truly light and are rigid in equal stature. They manage extremely low-frequency responses overall.


  • Exudes clear movie dialogue and music lyrics
  • Delivers the ultimate home theater experiences achievable
  • Reveals the minutest details clearly
  • Good enough for the front-row listening experiences
  • A strong, flexible and removable magnetic grille exists at the front


  • Prolonged use may deafen your eyes
  • Too large for the smaller rooms
  • Likely to interfere with the free movements of room occupants

Micca M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling In-Wall Speaker with Pivoting 1″ Silk Dome Tweeter (Each, White)

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Are you searching for a set of speakers to use for halls and other spacious interiors? You have a worthy companion here. This one is able to impact an entire room with ruthless efficacy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Poly-Mica Woofer

A Poly-mica woofer is by far the most notable aspect of the speaker system. This speaker delivers robust bass outputs, natural vocals, and smoother sounds.

Pivoting Silk Dome Tweeter

Complementing this is the pivoting silk dome tweeter. You can channel the sound output to the specific portions of the room you are desirous of at any given time.

Advanced Crossover Design

An advanced crossover design rounds up its list of most notable features. The design guarantees transitions in the critical upper mid-range regions of the speakers.


  • Large enough to impact the ceilings and the speakers
  • Integrates perfectly between the woofer and the tweeter
  • Generates smooth and natural sounds
  • Installs faster and easily
  • Pairs well with a vast array of home entertainment systems


  • Quite bulky to move around with ease
  • Comes at too great a cost
  • Consumes higher levels of utility bills

Boss Audio Systems BRT26A ATV UTV Marine Sound Bar System

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Have many kinds of gadgets in your home? Take advantage of this wonderful speaker system and say goodbye to all forms of hassles. The set is indeed able to pair and work with diverse pieces of equipment.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

IPX5 Rated

By far the most notable trait of the speaker is the IPX5 waterproof rating. Thanks to this rating, the gadget stands taller to the risks of water damages and excess sweating.

Built-in Bluetooth

Built into the system is the Bluetooth wireless data transmission mechanism. With this, you may be certain of zero clutter and expedited signal transmission.

Built-In Amp

Rounding up the list of its most notable features is the built-in amplifier. The amplifier is the one that boosts the sound output to make it as clear and audible as it can probably be.


  • Supports a whopping four full-range speakers that measure 4 inches each
  • Contains numerous data sharing ports and output
  • Compatible with a host of audio equipment
  • Adjustable fit bars makes for smoother operations
  • Operable via a wireless multifunction remote


  • Quite sophisticated to handle and comprehend
  • May confuse a simpler end-user
  • Takes up excess mounting spaces

Wohome Soundbar, TV Sound Bar with Bluetooth and 3D Surround Sound

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Want to enjoy deeper bass sounds? We invite you to attempt your luck on this sound system. Of all the gadgets we have under review, it is this one that has the uncanny ability to generate awesome sounds.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

6 Powerful Drivers

A set of some six powerful drivers that jointly generate 105 decibels of sound output come in first. You’ll enjoy expansive audio and an accompanying crystal clear sound output.


The gadget gives you the leeway to put in the signals via a variety of ways and means. These include wireless streaming, USB ports, and the data cables to name but a few!

3D Surround Sound

All in all, the system does fill entire rooms with crystal clear sounds. DSP technology exists to handle that role perfectly. It gives off amazing clarity and precision while in use.


  • Generates deep bass sounds
  • Adds richness to your music and movies
  • Easily controllable via a remote control unit
  • Supports a whole range of speakers
  • Mounts on walls and cramped-up spaces


  • Suffers the menace of overtones
  • Does not distinguish clearly between the sounds
  • Not suitable for shows that have conversations

Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer – Black (NS-SW050BL)

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Short on cash? Try this speaker out. It is by far the cheapest and the simplest that money but now. It still brings about many awesome ends and benefits.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Clear and Tight Bass

First, the gadget does emit clear and tight bass output. It eliminates any unnecessary overtones while emitting sound outputs.

Deep Lows

Its sound outputs also exhibit some deep lows indeed. For this reason, the speaker set is mainly useful for the sounds that are not supposed to be too loud or deafening.

Stylishly Elegant

The exterior of the gadget is stylishly elegant. It is truly breathtaking to behold and so contribute to the beauty and aesthetics of the rooms.


  • Small and compact enough for easier handling
  • Imbues a set of high-performance bass technologies
  • Manufactured by the reputable Yamaha brand
  • Accompanied by the high-quality 8-inch woofer unit
  • Yields powerful and rich bass


  • Lacking in other vital parameters
  • Sustains damages a bit too soon!
  • May not be truly reliable in the long run

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)

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Does the area you stay in suffer echoes or reverberations? You may need a set of speakers that are known to be strong and delivers truly efficient sound outputs as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Flat On-Axis Frequency Response

Setting this speaker apart from the others is the flat on-axis frequency response. This one manages to give off extra bandwidth while at the same time reproducing a whole audio range.

Wide and Constant Dispersion

The set of speakers manage a wide and constant dispersion of the sound outputs. Thanks to this capability, each part of the room is impacted at a time.

Low Distortion and Resonance

The sound outputs generated by the set of speakers exhibit low distortions and resonance. Thus, the outputs have far limited distortions and are so clearly audible.

  • Supports a host of satellite speakers
  • Its exterior is elegant to behold
  • Generates a whopping 200 Watt of power output
  • Mounts on walls and tight spots
  • Good enough for those spaces that are cramped up


  • Not for the large halls or rooms
  • The sound outputs diminish in efficacy with time
  • Its sound signals are quite weak

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