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Top Best Horse Fly Masks (2022)

How to keep horse fly away? Use eucalyptus or tea tree oil to the basic spray recipe as a repellent to keep flies away. Horse flies are annoying. Horses often rub their faces against their legs or body parts to get rid of those aggravating flies. A better way to protect your horses from fly is using a fly mask. One advice for most horse owners is that you should not wear a mask for your horse at night. Your horse would be safer without it. Without cautious, a grimy mask can lead to skin infections. You need to make sure that the fly mask is clean. Instead, you should prepare to have some masks ready to cover your horses when traveling. When traveling, usually there is too much light movement outside of the trailer. Get ready for the fly season? Getting top best horse fly masks for your horses is a great, long investment as part of your care plan.

A good, clean mask can help protect your horse’s face during the day and traveling. Do horses need fly masks? They do need the best ones. So, in this review you’ll get to know some of the top best horse fly masks you can buy. Horse masks keep the flies out of the horses eyes, faces, or ears. Are horse flies dangerous? While horse fly brings no harm to us human, it’s a problem for our horses. Why? Well, horse flies carry equine infectious anemia, also known as swamp fever. With the best fly masks, we can avoid and minimize life-threatening diseases to horses.

A List of Top Best Horse Fly Masks in 2021

Cashel Crusader Standard Horse Fly Mask No Ears or Nose

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This Cashel Crusader fly mask is one of the best products in the market now. Typically, a horse won’t be able to take it off like the other masks. Your horse can wear it every time he’s out in the pasture (daily, unless the weather is rainy and freezing). It fits well, stays put (double layer of velcro), has structure & doesn’t touch his eyes. The little hole for his forelock is a great feature.

  • Style: Standard, No Ears or Nose
  • Stellar protection against flies and insects
  • Soft coated nylon micro-mesh blocks 70% of damaging UV rays

Kensington Signature Horse Fly Mask with Plush Fleece & Soft Mesh Ears

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The Kensingston Signature is great for as it allows ears and forelock to come through top of mask. Overall, it’s quite durable, light weight, gorgeous. And it fits perfectly!

  • Full visibility
  • Great protection for face and eyes and ears
  • Single dart design for better fit on a small face

SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask Shimmer Weave Mesh

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The SuperMask II is very sturdy and almost equine proof. Among the fly mask reviewed here, this mask offers great value for the price. Keep a good stock of these.

  • Double-latch fastens twice for double security
  • Clear see-through mesh with plush, fly-proof trim

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Nose Fringe

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The best fly mask on the market, the Shires Fine Mesh product is one of the favorites among long time horse owners.

  • Airstream ears fringe at the nose

indreamy Fly Mask with Nose and Ears

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What we like in this indreamy fly mask is the mesh material. It’s durable, comfortable, breathable and convex. Also, it can block UV rays and protects your horse from the sun.

  • Soft and comfortable elastic fabric
  • Best for ordinary, large and strong horses, neck circumference 100-115cm, soft mesh around the ears and eyes