The Best Horse Stall Guards

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Horses need fresh air to stay healthy. A stall guard allows you to bring light and air into your horse’s stall while keeping your horse confined. A good stall guard can improve air circulation and let your horse socialize with other horses. Also, the cross ties keep your horse secured. A top-rated stall guard is a great choice for clever horses that might get stuck under a stall chain by slipping underneath.

When choosing a stall guard, it is important to consider the size of your horse, the size of your stall, and your horse’s personality. You should also make sure that the stall guard is made of durable materials and that it has a secure closure.

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A List of Top 10 Best Horse Stall Guards

Kensington Stall KPP Guard

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It is a guard which is very popular. The main reason behind this is the fact that it contains proper ventilation. Installation of aisle guard install helps in giving adequate access to the horses. Additionally, made of textile fabric, it’s durable. Designing of every booth with wearing mesh, which is active.

The Kensington Stall Guard is made of heavy-duty textilene fabric and is adjustable to fit any stall. It has a wide opening that allows your horse to see and socialize with other horses, and it has a secure closure that prevents your horse from escaping.

  • Adjustable strap that fit openings from 135″ to 139″ wide.
  • Designed with a strong wearing mesh Textilene fabric on the center
  • Easy to install

Kensington Door Guard for Horses

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It features good security and elegance. The stall guard can keep the horses securely in their stall while also adding a sense of style. You will be peaceful in your chores as you will be sure your horses are safe. Besides, it contains a beautiful plaid design. The patterns reflect the personality of the horse in a way that it is blending tradition and fun.

  • Made of durable Textilene mesh and bordered on all 4 sides with 3″ nylon webbing
  • Heavy-duty D rings for easy fastening, double ended snaps and screw eye
  • Comes with Kensington Lifetime Guarantee
  • Solid web center is ideal for personalization

Intrepid International Web Stall Stall Guard

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It is a strip which is well adjustable from around 43 up to 48 inches. The horses can graze comfortable and also relax their muscles through walking. Additionally, it contains closed front protection. This is useful in ensuring that the horses are safe. Lastly, it has powerful iron hardware. As a result, it lasts for longer, saving you money.

  • Adjustable from 43 to 48 inches
  • Closed front protection
  • Strong iron hardware

Intrepid International Poly Web Stall Guard

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It is a stall guard strip which is containing a 2-inch web. As a result, you will have the assurance of security while using it. Additionally, it includes iron hardware, which is active. As a result, it will last for longer, saving you the cost of having to buy for a stall often.

  • With rugged snaps and buckles
  • 16 Inch in height and adjusts to 48 inch in width

Roma Rubber Stall Guard

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It is a nice stall that available all over the market. It is sturdy, thus assuring you of the safety of the horse. Additionally, it is affordable, and so, you will have the assurance of affording it as long you want to get it.

  • Made from a strong thick stainless steel chain covered with a hardy rubber
  • The Quick release fastening on one end allows easy access into the stable while keeping the horse secure.

Roma Stall Guard

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Your horse security must be your utmost desire. This is a stall that you cover at its front. A s a result, the horse will be well protected and will not escape at any point. Additionally, it is cheap, and so you can easily buy it if you save a little cash. While other stall guards in the barn may not hold up so well, the Roma Stall Guard is a good quality.

Weaver Leather Black Stall Poly-Guard

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Made of leather, it will have a long life as long as you use it with care. Its string is safe enough.

  • Feature leather conchos accented with nickel brass spots

Intrepid Cotton International 4 Slat Stall Guard

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It is a stall that you can adjusted easily from inches 43 to 48. Additionally, it is bearing four web slats with 2-inch cotton that gives it extra strength. Besides, the iron hardware is strong to withstand even the biggest and healthy horses.

  • Adjustable from 43 to 48 inches
  • Four 2 inch cotton web slats
  • Strong iron hardware

Kensington Aisle Guard

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It is great for its security and elegance. The stall guard will keep the horse in the stall securely. Additionally, you will be peaceful with the knowledge that the horse is safe. Keep your horse securely in their stall while adding a touch of elegance? Get this product! You’ll then have peace of mind knowing your horse is safe behind the line stall guard.

  • Made with extra-durable PVC nylon that resists cracking and breaking down from varying temperatures
  • Crafted by the best quality of protective nylon and handmade to ensure top quality

Equiessent Closed Stall Guard

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It is a very strong stall which is capable of protecting even the most active animals from running away. Additionally, it is very cheap, and thus all you need is sacrifice some little cash. This closed stall guard is for a horse to enjoy with ventilation benefits of an open half-door.

  • With ventilation benefits of an open half-door without being able to reach out