The Best Outdoor Watering Cans

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For gardeners, outdoor watering cans are essential tools. They make it easy to water your plants and keep your garden looking beautiful. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, a good watering can is a must-have.

When it comes to choosing a watering can for outdoor use, you have two main options: metal or plastic. Both have their advantages, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs. To help you find the best outdoor watering cans, we researched and tested a dozen of them. We’ve compiled a list of recommended watering cans for outdoor gardening that will bring joy and ease to your gardening experience.

So whether you’re a green thumb or just starting out, investing in a quality outdoor watering can is a smart choice. It’s a tool that will help you keep your plants healthy and thriving all season long.

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A List of Top 10 Best Haws Watering Cans for Gardening

NOBONDO Watering Can

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The Haws Deluxe plastic watering can has a fairly large opening at the top to make the filling of water easy. Though not too heavy when the can is filled to capacity, haws does provide two useful hand grips on the handle. It’d be easier if you need to use two hands while lifting. The watering can comes with a long enough spout to reach those hard to get places like underneath the leaves and brush of larger plants.

  • A plastic downspout
  • easy to assemble: simply select the chosen spout and fill the can with water

Haws Professional Outdoor Metal

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The Haws Professional Outdoor Metal Can is constructed from heavy gauge steel and finished with an additional coating of powder paint increasing its durability. The can is able to deliver an accurate and mild spray of water which makes watering delicate plants and seedlings. This can is useful while working in greenhouses, conservatories and patios.

  • The tall neck on the can stops water from spilling out
  • A filter at the base of the spout

Haws Traditional Peter Rabbit

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The Haws Traditional Peter Rabbit Design Metal Watering Can is a lightweight watering can made specially with the ease of carrying in mind.

  • 8.8 litre
  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel
  • Coated with a zinc finish
  • Aminimum life of 20 years of normal usage

Bosmere V115 Haws Plastic Outdoor Long Reach Watering Can

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Outdoor Watering Can – The Bosmere Haws Plastic Outdoor Watering Can is a nicely designed, lightweight watering can with two handles providing for ease of balance and watering. Its long neck prevents water from spilling when tilted forward while using.

  • It comes with a downspout designed to be at right angles for more accurate watering
  • Well designed with two handles

Tierra Garden 36-5081O Traditional Metal Watering Can

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Watering Can, 1 Litre – The Tierra Garden Can is made from a high quality with powder coated and galvanized steel. The attractive trellis design on the surface of the can ensures that the Tierra Garden Can stands out from other watering cans.

  • Comes with dome shaped lid which prevents water from spilling out while in use
  • Great trellis surface design

Asvert White 1/4 Gallon Metal Indoor Watering Can

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If you want the most durable watering can, we highly recommend this Asvert Haws product for its best value for the money you can buy.

  • Made from plastic mental
  • Removable oval brass rose
  • Tall neck

Haws Indoor Watering Can with Rose and Gift Box

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Looking for a good gift idea for your friends who love gardening? The Haws Indoor Watering is the best gift you can give. The capacity of water you can load also means that it will save you trips back and forth to refill the water.

  • Removable fine brass oval rose
  • Original design created by John Haws

Haws Heritage Galvanized Watering Can with Wood Handles

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Made from heavy gauge steel, this haws has a distinctive look than others on this list. The Haws Heritage Galvanized Watering Can is a high quality made product from England.

  • Wooden handles
  • Removable round brass rose
  • Attractive trellis surface design

Homarden Copper Colored Watering Can for Outdoor and Indoor House Plants

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1.3 liter watering can, this Homarden product is best for kids who love to help watering your garden. One of the perfect sizes for indoor watering.

  • Stainless Steel with a Vintage Gold and copper paint
  • Solidly built
  • Retro can design with long spout

Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can

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The best small watering can for indoor plants, we have to feature this Haws Handy on this list. It’s perfect for small potted plants.

  • Beautiful color
  • For for watering seedlings
  • Made of injection molded plastic

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