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Top 10 Best Play Therapy Toys [2020]

It is every parent’s joy to see their children grow, not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Whether your child has special needs, behavioral problems, or you want to equip them for adulthood properly, there are numerous play therapy toys designed by experts to help you with this task. In this list, we made a recommendation of the best play therapy toys you should get.

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A List of Top 10 Best Play Therapy Toys for 2020

Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game

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If you are noticing some anger issues in your child, Mad Dragon is designed to help you help your child. This therapeutic card game helps kids between ages six and twelve to understand their feelings. It teaches eleven techniques on anger control and equips them with decision-making skills using animated cards that are based on the fun game Crazy Eights. Essentially, it’s a great game for play in a locked facility with adolescents who have some anger issues.

  • For children aged 6 to 12
  • 100 high-quality 3″ x 4 1/2″ cards, instructions, and tips for taming anger
  • Fun and effective

Thoughts and Feelings

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You don’t need to be a child psychiatrist to know that unexpected changes in the family, grief, and trauma can be damaging to a child. This fast-paced therapeutic card game contains thirty-five fun cards that can help any child between age five and twelve work through life’s issues. It helps them identify and process their anger, depression, anxiety, and fears.

  • For children ages 5 and up
  • 35 cheerfully animated, fun feeling, play cards with colorful illustrations per box
  • Designed to support parents, teachers and mental health professionals by engaging children
  • The characters help the children identify, process, and work through a variety of issues

My Moods, My Choices Flipbook for Kids

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This durable flipbook contains twenty well-laminated pages, each containing a different mood and corresponding positive actions to provoke a different feeling. It can help your child understand and control their ever-changing moods. It is an easy tool to use and is especially beneficial to children with special needs.

  • Made with solid construction: laminated for extra durability
  • Helpful learning tool for any child, particularly those in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school


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If you, your child or loved one suffer from frequent stress and anxiety episodes, this pack contains 21 different noiseless, non-toxic toys that satisfy the fidgeting problem that comes with these feelings. They are suitable for anybody above the age of five, including adults and can help improve focus and concentration in hyperactive people or those with ADD, ADHD and OCD.

Totem the feel good game

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Most people often think low of themselves or are unaware of their positive side. By playing Totem with friends, schoolmates, colleagues, and family members, you can discover your strengths as they tell you what they appreciate most about you. The game is simple but powerful, helping both children in school and adults build self-confidence. It helps build strong bonds among friends and family.

The Learning Journey: Match It! – First Words

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Build your child’s confidence in learning by helping them with their first words, using these set of 54 flashcards. Each card contains a word on one side and a corresponding full-colour image on the other which the child learns to master. Whether you are homeschooling or preparing your child to join a school, this game will equip them with excellent reading and comprehension skills.

  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Thick, durable cardboard construction makes cards

Cadily This is Me

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Children are often incapable of freely and clearly expressing their feelings, and may instead exhibit weird, unexpected behaviours which you as a parent can wrongly interpret. This game is designed to provoke your child, or adolescent to express their feelings. It can help parents and therapists understand and help defiant children and those with anger management issues. It could expose underlying problems in your child.

  • Best for kids with anxiety
  • Simple, easy to use, and helpful


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Building confidence in your child should begin in the early years, and Strongsuit is an ideal game for this. This toy board game will help your child develop communication skills and build self-esteem. It takes two to five players and teaches kids over six years about teamwork and creative thinking.

  • A game of self-discovery and social interaction for 2 to 5 players ages 13 and up
  • High-quality 18″ folding game board
  • Two decks of custom cards (52 unique strengths cards and 52 unique troubles cards)

Mindfulness Matters

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Mindfulness is an essential skill to thrive in today’s chaotic world. This game, designed by a therapist, helps kids and teens between ages nine and eighteen to develop social skills, mindfulness, and enhance their concentration. It also helps them deal with stress, anger, and worry. The game contains 58 cards and can take two to four players making it an excellent family game.

  • Cooperative to enhance social skills
  • Both action cards and reflections build skills and increase understanding
  • Learn mindfulness techniques


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Rather than watch television all day, promote your child’s development with Adapt-Ease. It is designed to help children learn about animals and fish as they sharpen their sensory and fine motor skills. The game comes in various themes such as aqua, farm and rain-forest. This exploratory game is suitable for children over four years. This toy is quite helpful for children with low muscle tone. Jump, crawl and play while improving self-regulation? Go for this!

  • Constructed from polyester & spandex
  • Features a quality and heavy duty overlap seam with Velcro closure

Therapy toys have become very essential more so when it comes to helping kids reach developmental milestones. Nowadays, playtime is not just about fun and games. Therapy toys will not only teach your kids important physical skills, but also social skills.


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This therapy toy has emerged as the best choice that you can use to develop the kid’s communication skills. It is not only educational but also it stimulates the imagination. You can use this toy to increase feelings vocabulary and self-expression. This will encourage open discussion between the parent and the kids.

Be guaranteed that it is more than fun. This means that children will love it. If you have used this therapy toy in the past, you can agree with me that it can work well with adults.


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There is no doubt that you can want to build important motor skills. This will happen only when you consider purchasing this therapy toy. People who have used this therapy toy in the past have claimed that it is an ideal choice for children to develop their stability. It is good to keep in mind that it will be more helpful in physical therapy.

Overall, it is an addictive product that will leave your kid with an unforgettable experience. This means that your kid will never care whether it is therapeutic.



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The manufacturer is well known to manufacture superb and reliable educational therapy toys. The best thing about this therapy toy is that if you are not satisfied, you have the full freedom to ask for 100% money guarantee. Presence of oversize pegs means that little fingers and hands will easily grasp and stick on the pegboards.

In addition, this toy boasts of perfect size that makes it ideal for children and adults. Away from that, they have been designed with rainbow colors.


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Do you know that this is a must-have product for every special needs child? Do you have a kid with sensory processing disorder? This is a must-have product that you should consider purchasing. Besides regulating your kid’s behavior, it will greatly improve balance and spatial awareness. Your kid will always have proper positioning when you go for this therapy toy.

You might be aware that the therapy toy is quite popular in numerous schools and clinics. You will have an easy time when installing this therapy toy.


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You might be looking for a reliable therapy toy that can calm your kid who is autistic. It can be a hard task finding an educational toy for kids who have sensory processing disorders. All that you need to do is to add water. The beads will grow bigger once you have put them in a jar of distilled water. You can put the balls in water overnight.

The educational therapy toy has been manufactured from a non-toxic polymer. Unlike most therapy toys, you can easily return the beads to the original state.


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There is no doubt that you can want an educational and stress relieving therapy toy. This product will provide you with a tactile feeling. This will drastically minimize stress and anxiety. You should be assured that you will never have a racing mind. Therefore, you can keep restless hands busy.

Multiple renowned schools and clinics prefer using this product to promote focus and attention. Where can you use this therapy toy? It will be of great help more so to adults suffering from short attention span.


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It is every person’s dream to spark discussion and personal responses from their students. As a teacher, you will have a good chance to build speaking and listening skills between your students. This is the right time to use this therapy toy for students with speech and language disorders.

It features 6 large cubes. Normally, the cubes will provide your students with 36 questions. Most questions involve simple facts and open-minded quizzes.


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Over the years, this product has been featured among the 10 best socially responsible products. What is it all about? It is a therapeutic card game that has been designed for kids aged 12 years. With the emergence of this educational kit, parents, teachers and health professionals have a long term remedy.

Thoughts and feelings are well known to help kids identify and process various issues. With this product, they will identify issues affecting their families.


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Multiple occupational therapists have been using this product for both adult and kids therapy for quite some time. All that you need to know when purchasing this product is that it is an excellent educational toy that will make a big difference to your kids.

Do you have fine motor skills? This is the right time to screw and unscrew these plastic nuts. They can be used by kids below 6 years.


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You can attest that your kid might be looking for something that can give them a calming effect. You should go for this product if you have been looking for a reliable therapy toy that will improve your kid’s focus. It will not only relieve stress but also increase sensory needs. Be assured that the possibilities of your kid getting arthritis will be quite low if you consider purchasing this therapy toy.


Having the top best play therapy toys, you can ensure that your child will have fun while learning, developing emotional intelligence, building their self-esteem, and improving their social skills. Play as a family after meals, in the car, or while out on a picnic, and you are sure to get closer.

The above best play therapy toys will fulfill your kid’s educational needs. They can be used in schools and also homes. Before making any purchase, check the age recommendation on the package.

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