The Best Grimm’s Wooden Toys

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Grimm’s wooden toys are a popular choice for parents who want to provide their children with educational and safe toys made from natural materials. These toys are made in Germany and use natural colors and oils, making them harmless for kids to play with. The natural colors and grains of the wood give these toys a unique and lovely shine that children love.

If you are looking for the best Grimm’s wooden toys for your kids, you have come to the right place. These educational toys can help improve creativity, imagination skills, and other soft skills for kids. In this section, we have described some of the best-selling Grimm’s wooden toys in detail. However, there are many other toys from Grimm’s that could also be useful for your child’s development.

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A List of Top 7 Best Grimm’s Wooden Toys

Grimm’s Large Four Elements Building Set

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This is a depiction of four elements of the Earth like air, water, rainbow and waves. It has 23 pieces of wooden block for perfect creative play. You can create stunning landscapes, patterns, creative structures to develop creativity, motor skills. spatial thinking and solving abilities. Made from lime wood, the wooden pieces have child friendly non toxic color coating. The 23 pieces are 4 cm thick and can fit in a square frame of 44.5 cm side and it is ideal play toy for 3+ years old kids.

  • Winner of a 2011 Parent’s Choice Gold Award
  • Named outstanding “heirloom toy”
  • Ages 3+

Grimm’s 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker

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Grimms 6 piece rainbow stacker consists of 6 pieces of semi circular wooden pieces. You can stack these rainbow stacker with other toy to create a more complex structures. When these these 6 wooden pieces get stacked together it forms a rainbow which measures in box of size 17.1 x 9.1 x 6.4 cm. You can use the wooden pieces to create arches, hills rocking chairs and beds for toys. Great for imaginative play!

  • Nest or stack the colorful, unique blocks
  • Handcrafted in Europe by German company Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design
  • Materials: wood and certified non-toxic, water based colors

Grimm’s Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls

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Grimms Set of 12 Rainbow Friends has 12 wooden rainbow friends painted in rainbow colors. You let your child to use these 12 pieces to learning colors, counting, ordering. Or it can represent 12 months of a year. Made from Alder and maple wood, each wooden piece measures 6 cm in height. You can arrange them in 2 rows in the wooden crater.

  • All coatings are certified nontoxic and conform to stringent European (and American) toy standards, making them safe and suitable for children.
  • Comes minimally-packaged in clear shrink-wrap
  • Crafted by hand from sustainably harvested European wood

Grimm’s Large Water Waves Stacker

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Grimss Water Waves stacker consists of 6 wooden pieces which nests together. The smooth and natural colors of water blue has a soothing effect on the children. It stimulates creativity in child. You can use 6 pieces to create objects like hill, fence, see-saw doll cradles, tunnel, cave, and other objects. The wooden pieces are high quality toys and environment friendly as well. The coating on wooden these toys are non toxic, child safe paints.

  • Set of 6 wooden pieces nest together
  • Soothing blue waves represent one of the four elements of nature: Water

Grimm’s Beads Grasper

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Grimms Beads Grasper in wooden baby rattle toy with large balls painted in rainbow color. It has 12 balls in rainbow color and are stung with strong elastic. It can be a wonderful gift for your baby when your baby starts to grasp things around at three month old. The colored balls use maple wood and measures 3 cm. Coated with non toxic and child safe paint. It has a amazing natural beauty and texture of real wood. It’s gorgeous, fascinating artistic toy for babies (and adults).

  • Perfect toy for baby’s first grasping experiences (from 3 months & up)

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Grimm’s 12-Piece Rainbow Tunnel Stacker

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Grimm’s 12 piece Rainbow Tunnel is a versatile 12 piece wooden stacker for kids of all ages above 1 year. Your child can stack them to create fences, tunnels, bridges, houses whole lot of other objects.

The wooden pieces are of high quality and painted with child safe colors and can last for many years to play. You can stack the wooden pieces over one another to create a rainbow, sort them in order of size.

  • Cut from a single, solid piece of linden wood
  • Recommended for toddlers, kids and adults (from 18 months+)
  • A lovely decoration on a coffee table or bookshelf
  • Rich, vibrant colors from certified non-toxic, child-safe water based stains

Grimm’s Giant Marbles

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Grimm’s Giant Marbles is set of 6 wooden balls in rainbow color ideal for both toddler and kids. It comes packed in a cardboard egg box and is easy to handle and store them. Your kid can use these balls to roll them , fill the egg box, bowls, order them in a row. They can count them, learn the different colors, and use them as weights. The balls are 4.5 cm in diameter , colored with child safe, non toxic, water based paints. These Giant marbles forms an excellent combination with other Gimms stacking toys.

  • Comes in an egg carton: easy for storage when playtime is over
  • Large size is easy to grasp and safe for even very young children (1 year & up)
  • Made in Germany from solid wood and colored with certified safe, non toxic water-based stains (no worrisome paints or lacquers)

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