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Top 10 Best Rabbit Fences [2020]

Rabbit fencing is great. If you are in love with rabbits, you will need to fence them for well to protect them from enemies. Rabbits need dry and clean hutches for them to live in. They should always be protected for them to live healthy and happy lives. Hot sun, rain, and wind may imply death or experience to the rabbit. Having a safe and comfortable outdoor home for your rabbits is one of the priorities for most of us. In this review, you are going to see the top best rabbit fences.

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A List of Top 10 Best Rabbit Fences in 2020

Advantek Rabbit Hutch

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It is among the best-preferred hutches in the market. It is a hutch that is simple though bringing with it immense joy. It is an outdoor enclosure and stilted nesting box, which is ensuring comfortable and safe accommodation. Additionally, the rabbit will succeed in roaming safely inside the hutch. The access doors will be allowing rabbits to move in the ramp, thus relaxing and playing underneath the grass.

  • Beautiful auburn & white color
  • Easy cleaning and access door to outside area
  • Made with Advantek’s GoneGreen lightweight insect-resistant and rot-resistant fir lumber

Pets fit Bunny Cage

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It is a hutch made using thick chew coating, paint, or wood. It is containing an open section and also a more sheltered part of providing better weather protection. Additionally, the hutch is capable of protecting from flooding and snakes.

  • Made of sturdy wooden pieces
  • Cage is made of wire
  • Hinge roof can be opened easily for cleaning and weatherproof roof prevents rain

Trixie Rabbit Hutch

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It contains Sloped Roof that is useful for usage in outdoor or garden situations. It includes a lifting roof providing inside the ease of access. Additionally, it is containing a sliding drop door serving as the ramp. The design provided by the hutch is allowing for excellent air circulation to help in encountering damp and keeping the home dry. Additionally, it is protected from frost in weather, which is poor besides being cooler in hot times.

  • 2-floor hutch with connecting indoor ramp
  • Attached run and roof panels opens from above for easy access
  • Access pets via 2 doors made with metal slide latches
  • Pull-out metal tray for fast and easy cleaning

Merax Coop Chicken Hutch

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It is a wooden rabbit cage that is best for raring rabbits. The enclosure is made with striped wooden planks that are specifically designed to help in preventing wood were from getting bitten. The pen is expensive as one can buy a kit to assist in expanding the hutch later on. It is also among the most selling models.

  • Built with fir wood and stained in a warm tawny finish with waterproof coating
  • Weather resistant asphalt roofing and upper nesting box protect your pet from the elements
  • Built-in litter tray for simple and fast cleanup

Ware Penthouse Premium Playpen

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This is a playpen pen house that has recently come into presence. The model is looking very cute, similarly to barns. It is an outdoor two-level rabbit hutch which should be placed in a given glass. The lower level walls are made by use of wire, which is powder-coated that is meshed tightly to prevent the entrance of predators. Additionally, it is allowing the circulation of air for the pet.

  • Flexible design
  • Waterproof non-toxic stain
  • Heavy duty powder coated wire

Ferplast Cage

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Rabbits do not need a lot of space for them to be comfortable. The cage is offering accommodation which is spacious for a complete furry companion with drinking bottle and hay feeder. The arrangement is put in a way that rabbit cage is disassembled fully for convenience and more comfortable transportation.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Front & side doors fully open for quick cleaning access and the deep 6-inch base contains litter & other debris

Merrace Cage

It is the best solution when looking for a tidy pest house. Additionally, it is constructed through the use of high-quality fir, which is containing exceptional longevity. The wooden part is protected through the usage of waterproof paint. Besides, the assembling of the cage is a natural process.

Tangkula Hutch

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Made by use of wire and wood. The hutch is representing a structure that is spacious for keeping pets well protected and safe. It is also made using fir wood that is covered by the use of a waterproof coating, which is weather resistant. There is the elevation of the latter to keep rabbis warm and dry in case there is a rapid drop in soil temperatures.

  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Spacious and user-friendly design
  • High quality wire fencing

SmithBuilt Crates Hutch

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It is a multi-story building that is capable of holding many rabbits. The wood contains fir and is containing weather-resistant coating, which is well covered to prevent rotting. In the case of wire netting, it is hidden using special epoxy coating, which is corrosion ad rust-resistant.

  • Solid fir wood is pest resistant
  • Heavy-duty wire build
  • Secured doors
  • An easy-to-clean removable sliding pan in composite ABS plastic covers

PawHut Hutch

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It is among the best rabbit structures in the market. It contains an ample space which is reserved for rabbit running to ensure rabbits are stretching their legs. Additionally the roof is all covered through use of iron sheets to ensure rabbits get extra protection from direct sun and rain.

  • Great compact design
  • Sturdy construction from China Fir wood coated with a water-based preservative to ensure long lasting use
  • A large main living area with a removable and easy to clean pull-out tray


Rabbit hutches are containing varying prices. There are some costing less than hundred dollars while others are costing up to four times as much. All the hutches discussed are best rabbit fences to consider using. Pick our choice today!

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