The Best Fences for Goats

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Goat farmers understand the importance of having a reliable goat fence to keep their animals safe from predators and prevent them from wandering off. In addition to their commercial value, goats also make great companions due to their playful and curious nature. To ensure that your goats stay within a secure area, it is important to have a sturdy goat fence. In this post, we have reviewed some of the best goat fences available in the market, along with our recommendations for the top options to consider.

A List of Top 10 Best Fences for Goats

Premier electric fence

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The premier electric fence for goats is one of the best fences to cage your goats. This fence is popular for its user friendly. Easy to install and manage, it comes with inbuilt posts. So, they are easy to erect on the ground. Another advantage is that they are electric.

  • Effectively contains goats, sheep, cattle, and pigs
  • Repels coyotes, foxes, dogs and bears

Gallagher Smart Fence

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As the name suggests, this fence features such as artificial intelligence. This makes it one of the best goat fences in the market. Other than its smart design, the fence also combines the posts, reels, and the wires into one single system. If you like moving your goats from one pasture of the other, this is the ideal type of fence for you. We recommended for containment of animals trained to electric fence.

  • Quick and easy to install and take down
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Posts, reels and wire in one convenient system
  • 4 wires, ten posts and 100m (330ft) length

Square Wire Fencing

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Here is another great type of fence for caging goats. Designed with 4-inch wire squares, this fence is strong enough to allow your goats to lean on them. For those looking for a non-electric fence, here is what you should consider. It restricts your goat’s movements without causing any harm to them. Smoothened and small enough, the fence will allow your goats to peep through. You should buy over 48 inches high fence to prevent goats from leaping over.

  • Strong confinement & deters animals from putting their heads through the fence
  • Strong mesh design

Woven Field Fence

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If you are looking for a goat fence, you should look for a woven field fence. Other than the prices, these fences work fine and serve the same purpose as the other fences. They contain larger holes that allow goats heads to peep through. Also, they can serve you for a long period if maintained.

  • Ccompletely made of steel
  • Safely install or repair your fence with the confidence that it will not bend or break

Yardgard Galvanized Fence

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Made from a welded and galvanized wire, this 50 feet tall roll is easy unroll and install. Due to their zinc coating, the wires are capable of withstanding corrosion and rust. So, they are most convenient in moist regions where corrosion takes a toll. You can also it for a variety of garden purposes, other than goat fencing. It has a sturdy structure that stands without putting any extra posts.

  • Made with galvanized zinc coating which offers rust-resistant durability

Barbed Wire Goat Fence

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This is another great fence for goats. While people tend to avoid it for its spikes, it can always be a great option when you need a barrier. The fence is also affordable and easy to install and maintain.

  • Wire tension curve, uniformly zinc coated
  • Prevents wild animals and predators from entering the farm to attack sheep and livestock
  • Confines small sheep and stubborn goats

Black Metal Rectangular Fence

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Black Metal Rectangular Fence gets smaller as you get to the bottom. This function prevents your goats from escaping through the rectangles. Made from heavy-duty materials, the fence is durable.

  • For boundary and interior fencing
  • Features stiff-stay knot and wire tension curve
  • Mesh spacing prevents sheep and goat from stepping through the fence

Natural Wood Slats

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Natural Wood slat fencing is often made with posts and alternating thick and thin slats. Apart from being friendly, this fence helps your goats to stay safe from external attacks.

  • Bamboo poles

Bamboo Pen Goat Fence

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Made using bamboo poles and posts, this is the best ideal fence for you. Smaller poles can go through bamboo posts creating a secure and beautiful goat fence. Thus, if you are an environmental enthusiast.

  • Thick walled bamboo poles
  • Nylon coated heavy galvanized wire

Wrought Iron Goat Fence

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For those living in rural places, this type of fence is good for your goats. Wrought Iron Fence is a metal fence that is strong and beautiful. This helps prevent predators from accessing your home or attacking your goats.

  • A coat of black PVC for extra strength and durability while preventing rust and corrosion
  • Fencing stretches out to 50 feet allowing you to cover large areas of space whether it involves farming, gardening, and more!

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