The Best Small Boats

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When it comes to ocean fishing, there are a wide range of options available for boats in terms of size, shape, and design. If you’re a novice angler or looking to invest in a new ocean fishing vessel, choosing the right boat is key. While some may believe that a larger boat is necessary for ocean fishing, recent research has shown that modern small boats can make for a fun and successful fishing trip. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best small boats for ocean fishing.

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A List of Top 10 Best Small Boat for Ocean Fishing

Boston Whaler 380 Outrage


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If at all comfort is your thing, then this boat will fit you fine. Its build with comfort enhancers such as the air conditioning as well as helm. This makes you carry out your fishing adventure with lots of comforts. Besides, the 380 Outrage features unsinkable glass materials. This makes it one of the safest small boats for your ocean fishing. With the rear-facing seat, you can watch your trolling baits with confidence.

Bote Rover

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A list of top 10 best small boats for fishing can never be complete without mentioning Bote Rover. This fishing boat comes with a hydraulic tilt steering and a trolling motor. This boat is so popular is its affordability. Other features include the presence of refrigerator, large storage compartments, and comfortable seats.

Cobia 296 CC Boat


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The Cobia 296 CC small boat has gained popularity due to its powerful performance. The cockpit arrangement is very spacious. As such, it offers an ample full column distribution live well. The seats are made with stain-resistant materials and designed for space and comfort. Generally, this small boat contains everything you need for your ocean fishing.

Contender 39FA

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The Contender 39FA comes with with a small cabin. So, in case you troll deep in the open ocean till late hours, you can always sleep in the cabin. The boat offers 360 degrees of fishing capabilities and can accommodate 5 people.
On its dashboard exists 3 huge MFDs gauges as well as VHF radio system. Let’s get entertained while you continue with your fishing.

Everglades 273 CC


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Everglades is another high-quality small boat for ocean fishing. First, the boat enables you to seat forward hence easy access to bows. Also, it has large storage compartments underneath its seats. The storage compartments come with racks and an icebox for fish preservation. Also, its center console has a hydraulic sliding windshield that is pulled down by the touch of a button.

Mako 414 CC


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Are you looking for an affordable small boat that can meet your ocean fishing needs? Well, the Mako 414CC will meet your desires. Equipped with deep V hull, it can improve your ocean fishing experience. It has ample storage compartments for dry storage and fishing gears.
It also has other personal features such as pull out shower, toilet, sink, and bunk, among others. So, just in case you fish until late, you face any problems. You can sleep in its cabin and enjoy the personal features it has.

Pursuit S 328


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The Pursuit S 328 is one of the small fishing boats every angler wants to ride, especially for ocean fishing. Its center console is made with a double berth that can as well be converted into an aft-facing couch. Another great feature is its detachable pedestals to support filter planks.

Additionally, it has a sink plus faucet, a coolant, refrigerator, and racks. It helps you store your fishing gears and preserve fish while inside the ocean.

Regulator 31


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The regulator 31 boasts of versatile design and beautiful architect. Its unique features include the presence of spacious fishing rooms and wide gunwales. It has an electric toilet, stainless steel sink, and folding rack to carry out your activities.

Sea Hunt BX 25 BR


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Despite the Sea Hunt BX 25 BR being small in size, it’s built to sail in big water bodies such as the open oceans. Its 50-degree bow entry, as well as 20 degree amidships, allows it to row over huge waves. It also boasts of the anchor locker, folding racks, and comfortable helm seats. Built with reliable stability, buoyancy, it’s safe and secure with the waves. Lastly, it has a refrigerator to help you store baited fish.

Jupiter 25 Boca Grande


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An ocean monster, the Jupiter 25 Boca Grande can also float in very shallow water about 14 inches deep. It also has very comfortable seats with fold-down bolsters, armrest, and backrest. With a 300 hp motor and an open throttle, this boat can surpass 47 mph. It also comes with a fuel capacity of 91 gallons. With great features, this small boat is not only convenient but ideal for ocean fishing.