The Best Smart Bike Helmets

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Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling, and selecting the right helmet is a crucial step towards ensuring your well-being on the road. A good helmet should not only offer adequate protection but also be lightweight to avoid adding extra weight and strain while cycling. Your weight and cycling speed also determine the distance you can cover, which is why selecting the right helmet is essential.

To help you choose the best smart bike helmet for your needs, we’ve curated a list of the top-rated options. These helmets provide optimal safety, quality, and value for your money, making them ideal for your next cycling expedition. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting, this review will provide you with valuable insights into the best smart bike helmets available.

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A List of Top 10 Best Smart Bike Helmets

BHM51M LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet

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This smart bike helmet can connect to Bluetooth devices such as your phone. It provides you with quality audio sounds. Your visibility around both the oncoming and ongoing traffic is also catered. In accident, you can activate the helmet to send emergency messages to your rescue.

  • CE standards for safety
  • Automatic sensor lighting
  • Great design

MT1 LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet

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For the lovers of freehand calls and music listeners, this helmet is the best for your expedition. Furthermore, you will stay visible throughout your cycling. You can also use walkie-talkie as it has the in-built microphone. It also offers an excellent cooling effect due to its excellent ventilation.

  • Built-in wind proof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speaker
  • Wireless taillight

OMNI Coros Smart Cycling Helmet

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Sound quality is a key feature of this helmet. Thus, excellent audio communication, fresh music, and phone calls are easy to use. You can use the mask during sunset because of the led lights that make you stay visible. Communication with friends can also go for as long as 7 hours after every charge. Also, it sends alerts in case of an emergency.

  • Easy to install handlebar remote
  • Auto LED tail lights

Sena Cycling Helmet

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With great ventilation to keep you cool, the Bluetooth technology is handy. This helmet helps you stay in contact with more than two friends for a distance of 1 mile so long as the terrain is flat. Moreover, this helmet protects your head from injury in case of an accident.

  • Talk time: 16 hours; Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Excellent Bluetooth helmet
  • Engineered for comfort & security

LINX Coros Smart Helmet

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This smart helmet offers excellent protection to your head as it comes with foam shell. Apart from receiving your calls, you can also make radio communication with friends. Also, hearing what is happening where you are heading is one great feature or this helmet.

  • 8-hour battery life
  • SOS Emergency Alert
  • Mountable Smart Remote

LIVALL BH60 Smart Helmet

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With its inbuilt microphone, communication becomes clear with friends without much interference. Also, you can communicate your intentions on the road to other drivers and cyclists. You can listen to calm music using the Bluetooth features. Furthermore, you can adjust the chin strap to make it more comfortable.

  • Smart lighting: back lights are bright
  • up to 10 hours of light, music+light 3-6 hours

Babaali Cycling Helmet

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The protection of your head has much priority when using this helmet. This helmet also has enough ventilators to keep you fresh in any environment. Also, access to controlling turn signals are easy using a wireless remote.

  • Ideal for night time and low light cycling as well as long distance riding
  • Lightweight with a 2000mah battery

Babaali Bluetooth Cycling Helmet

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This helmet has not only protects you from injury but also gives you a pleasant sensation. Its built-in microphone also helps you communicate with minimal interference. Furthermore, it comes in various bright colors to keep you visible while cycling.

  • Embedded Bluetooth speakers
  • Microphone built into the chin strap

Outdoor Mountain Cycling Helmet

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This is the most suitable helmet for the lovers of mountain biking. This helmet not only offers you safety but also keeps you ventilated. Some of these helmets have installed alert signals in case of an emergency. More also, it contains the inbuilt speakers that are offering excellent sound quality. Another essential feature is a specialized microphone while communicating with others.

  • Not integrated molding
  • Durable and super light
  • Breathable design with (21) holes

Specialized Basecamp Bike Helmet

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This helmet is for both ladies and gentlemen. It offers excellent protection due to its interior foam and the outer harder shell. This helmet deserves credit since it provides excellent ventilation. It comes with backup with batteries in case the sport LEDs are off.

  • Super Lightweight – 270g/0.59lbs
  • Ventilation – 22 breathable vents
  • Comfortable – Detachable lining & Insect Net