The Best Wood Burning Pizza Ovens


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Wood-burning pizza ovens are versatile and can be used for more than just pizza. They are ideal for baking, cooking, and keeping food warm, making them a valuable addition to any home. Pizza is a universally beloved food that is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it’s fast food or fine dining, pizza is a staple on many menus. Making delicious pizza at home requires the right equipment, and a wood-burning pizza oven is an essential tool. In the past, street vendors used charcoal in metal buckets to bake pizza, but now we have access to modern wood-burning pizza ovens that make the process easier and more efficient. In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best wood-burning pizza ovens available in the market today, so you can choose the best one to suit your needs. With a wood-burning pizza oven, making pizza at home becomes a fun family activity, and the smell of fresh-baked pizza will make your mouth water.

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A List of Top Best Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Traditional Brick Pizzaioli Oven

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Made by Authentic Pizza Ovens, this oven is the most traditional wood-terminated model. It has a big mouth and a base dome, making it the best thing for planning pizzas. The lower dome guarantees direct heat to the floor. The door opens downwards, and it is zinc coated. In this way, there are no wellbeing perils, regardless of whether the food toches oven surface. The oven has steel eyelets that are set in corners to lift the oven and place well.

Moreover, this handcrafted pizza oven is protected using different materials. It is strengthened with wire and has a cement coating. The unit contains a cooking skillet, a thermometer, and a patch pack to deal with any outer breaks.

Impexfire Maximus Portable Pizza Oven

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The outer layer is made of aluminum, which is then painted. The inside chamber is made of stainless steel. Prior models had a front with a block made an appearance, while the most modern ovens have an excellent stone-divider look. Additionally, it has cemented in both cases in any case. Maximus Pizza Oven is insulated with artistic blankets, additionally under the cooking floor.

Along these lines, you can put it even on the wooden base. Maximus Pizza Oven can be used as a patio pizza oven on the counter of your outdoor kitchen or some other firm support. Yet, a portable form on a metal painted stand with wheels is likewise available.

Pizza oven Maximus can also be used as a portable pizza oven because of its unassuming weight. In this way, you can use it for rear-end parties, occasions, fairs, and similar events. It’s additionally ideal for food trucks or trailers. As indicated by the producer’s directions, Maximus Pizza Oven ought to be relieved before first use.

1000 Plus Gourmet Oven Kit

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This oven unit is one of my favorite tools. Though its cooking floor surface is somewhat smaller compared to some different models, the surface is huge enough to cook three pizzas of standard size at the same time.

This model’s cooking floor has round corners; yet, it is somewhat formed. It is made with a big mouth for access thus. The cooking chamber of this oven has four consolidated tiles.

Its dome accompanies ten pieces, as a capstone put on the top. It can heat up and gain a temperature of about 900°F. This oven can make amazing pizzas, just as different meals.

Forno Allegro Nonno Lillo Portable Pizza Oven

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The Nonno Lillo is the most recent member of the family of Forno Alegro pizza ovens. It is a little portable wood-terminated pizza oven. It’s the lightest and the smallest oven in this range and the most lower than a usual oven in our audit. Yet, in this oven, you can cook just as in more fabulous ovens. In this way, Nonno Lillo can be your first step in the realm of cooking in wood-terminated ovens. Like other wood burning pizza ovens, stainless steel is used for every metal piece of the Nonno Lillo oven, aside from the outside dome.

What is exceptional at this pizza oven, is the cooking floor made of volcanic magma stone. Blocks that are cut from the natural volcanic stones are often used for the cooking floor in wood-terminated ovens in the pastry kitchen and pizza shops in Sicily.

The producer asserts that the magma stone utilized for the cooking floor is unadulterated with zero hints of lead. Igneous rock heats rapidly and uniform, yet, cools gradually.

Legitimate Maximus Red Pizza Oven

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This unique pizza oven prepares within 25 minutes, so its heating time is pretty quick. It weighs 130 pounds and can without much of a stretch fit in most vehicles’ backs, making it very movable.

It is one of those ovens that you convey with you anyplace you are going to. You can have it at the seashore or for an outing, or you can have it set in your compound. Likewise, it can work as an ordinary oven in your house, and it comprises a free, shocking clay-heating dish. This good pizza oven is the best for broiling veggies, chicken, bread, desserts, and meals. Besides, this model can be turned on anyplace, including trailers, parties, occasions, food trucks, and others.

This equipment is handcrafted in Portugal with aluminum on the exterior. And an inside is fitted with a twofold stainless-steel divider. Stainless steel is the best material for making ovens since it is impervious to rust and erosion.

The tiles, blocks, and iron used to permit this tool to stay heated inside while being cold on the outside. You should prepare the pizza batter, put it in the oven, and wait for three minutes for the pizza to get heated. Presto! You have a delicious pizza.

Forno Bravo Bella Medio 28 Portable Pizza Oven

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Forno Bravo is a well-known producer of the block and secluded wood-terminated pizza ovens. Before, the company made the block and measured wood-terminated pizza ovens. The interior oven dome, back and front side with the door, landing, chimney, and truck are made of cleaned stainless steel. Yet, the outer dome is coated aluminum sheets.

The cooking floor is made of artistic Cordierite, a kind of refractory material with excellent thermal attributes. To be specific, Cordierite has not just excellent heat retention. It additionally has unique thermal stun properties, low thermal extension, and thermal conductivity.

The Bella Medio 28 Portable Pizza Oven is joined to the stainless-steel wheeled truck for better versatility. Besides, it equipped with two handles for easy development. Bella Medio 28 arrives already prepared and ready to use. This oven heats quick gratitude to its moderate thermal mass and compelling thermal protection.

Ooni Pro Multi-Fueled

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It works with wood and charcoal, and even gas in case you’re short on schedule. This flexibility is a quality mutual by many individuals of the best ovens. So it’s incredible to see that Ooni is the same. It features delightful cordierite cooking stones that are excellent at absorbing moisture, assisting with making flawlessly crispy mixture bases.

Its temperature can hit an incredible high of about 930°F, while it’s moderately small size implies that it is useful in its heat circulation. It can heat up in just 10 minutes, while it can cook pizzas in around 2 minutes.

Ideal for huge crowds and considerable mouths to take care of! A wood fire worked inside of the oven allows the oven to start heating to speedy and productive cooking temperature. Need to to be cautious around the oven, as the materials used to make the oven can assimilate the heat.

The open fire can be a consume chance; yet, by using the correct tools, you will lower any risks, thus getting the best results from your burner.

Lisboa Premium Pizza Oven

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This lovely pizza oven model differs from some other pizza cooking tools. It’s one of those announcements making pizza ovens. Besides, this apparatus can likewise work as a rotisserie oven.

The Lisboa’s opening is much higher compared to different models, for example, the Brazza one. Along these lines, this tool is more extensive than the standard pizza ovens. This model has the fire more recognizable than expected, so the machine resembles a fire pit. This thing can cook delicious bread, pizzas, just as rotisseries.

This Portuguese oven is handcrafted and has been insulated multiple times. In this way, even though the inside might be exorbitantly hot, the exterior stays cool. The unit comprises a chimney hole, the chimney itself, as a door. Likewise, the oven has a patch pack to deal with outer breaks if there should be an occurrence of any.

This machine can cook at high temperatures up to 1000°F, and it can prepare a pizza within three minutes.

Napoli wooden Pizza Oven

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Commencing our list is the splendid Napoli Wood Fired Oven. Compared to other traditional ovens, it is very little. Yet, it packs all that could be needed to make it the best wood terminated pizza oven out there the present moment. This is a great machine.

While it’s fundamentally a wood-controlled oven, it additionally allows gas and charcoal cooking. This level of flexibility is fantastic to have, while its cooking temperatures can reach as much as 930°F.

It’s an excellent looking piece of equipment that doesn’t dominate your outdoor space, and still its modest size, it’s strong. It’s anything but difficult to use and incredible quality. All the more significantly, the pizzas it produces are fantastic.

This model has the fire more recognizable than expected, so the tool resembles a fire pit.

Ravenna Authentic Pizza Oven

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This earth-based pizza oven is the most powerful tool for your yard since it has astounding outdoor features. Your pizzas should be cooked within minutes and have an astounding taste. In contrast with the more up to date pizza cooking models, this Ravenna credible pizza oven sets aside an extended effort to preheat.

It accompanies a convey pack, a stainless-steel metal stand, and a strip. The key element of this oven is the smoky pizza it cooks. Every feast gets a very decent smoky flavor.

Additionally, this oven resembles a chimney, even though it doesn’t need a ton of support. Moreover, it accompanies a free cookbook, which will assist you with preparing dishes using this oven.

You have to know about the adornments that go with every pizza oven, the preparation technique, just as the best wood for wood burning pizza oven. As I would like to think, the best wood for wood burning pizza oven includes fragrant hardwoods, for example, mesquite and apple, yet the pick is up to you.

Buy the best wood burning pizza oven

Today, you can find many types of wood burning pizza ovens that come in different shapes and sizes. Among the most popular are wood burning pizza ovens specially designed for cooking pizza. All of these ovens serve the same purpose and are preparing the world’s favorite Italian food: pizza.

To avoid wasting your money and time buying the wrong kind of wood burning pizza oven, here is an article to assist you in making a decision.

How much space do you have at home?

Do you have enough space in the house where you can comfortably place the oven? Is it a place free of dirt or pets that can damage the equipment or be dangerous? Before you decide to buy a 100% metal or countertop style pizza oven, make sure you have enough space at home to keep the oven safe.

If you have young children at home who love to play where their franc is, ask them to stay away from the area, especially while baking.

How much money do you want to spend on your wood burning pizza oven?

There are many models of pizza ovens that you can choose or buy, but the question is: Does your budget allow you to do it? If you’re on a budget, you can select a design that uses charcoal or wood to save more.

Many pizza makers or ovens offer more excellent discounts on their ovens at certain times of the year. Find it in your area or search online.