The Best Electric Pruning Shears

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With advancements in technology, manual pruning shears have been replaced by electric ones. Electric pruning shears are far more efficient and easier to use compared to manual shears. They have the power to handle even the toughest shrubs and tree branches with ease.

For gardeners, homeowners, professionals, and anyone in the green industry, an electric pruning shear is a must-have tool. It helps keep gardens, horticultures, and landscapes looking neat and tidy by cutting, trimming, and removing unwanted weeds and branches.

However, choosing the right electric pruning shear can be a challenge with the variety of brands and models available in the market. That’s why I have researched and compiled a list of the top-rated, efficient, and cost-effective electric pruning shears to meet your needs and expectations.

A List of Top 5 Electric Pruning Shears

Felco power-assisted pruning shears ( model-70)

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Are you looking for an exceptional and dependable electric pruner? You can never go wrong with this. This tool features an enhanced pneumatic layout which makes it easy to operate and comfortable. Plus, it comes with double–piton system to enable the user to get a clean and straight cut.

Besides, this pruner is also delivered with a rotating cutting head for bushy trees, gardens. This head enables the user to effectively access such braches that are a bit hard to reach. Additionally, it has power-assisted to allow the user to cut even to plants which got thick braches.

Admirably, it is made with 1.2 crawls cutting volume with 200 psi, enabling someone to use it for many gardening applications. You will love the part that you can also use a smaller compressor getting up efficiently cut 00.375-o.5 crawl wood.

(a) Enhanced pneumatic design
(b) Rotating cutting head
(c) 1.2-crawl cutting capacity


(a) Dual-piston system for cutting thick branches smoothly
(b) Easy to operate
(c) Rotating cutting head for reaching high branches
(d) It is power-assisted to offer a perfect cut


(a) It’s a bit expensive

Ryobi rechargeable best pruning shears

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Entirely, Ryobi is known for producing high-quality and durable products. You will love how this pruner is delivered with high functionalities and features that will make someone pruning tasks simple.

Further, it is made with an ergonomic and stylish design which makes it more comfortable to hold while pruning. It weighs only 100 grams meaning we can work with it for an extended time even without getting tired. The tool charges significantly quicker, and its batteries are durable and active.

Virtually, these shears are delivered with blade covers for keeping the blade moisture–free when storing. However, ensure you cover your blade while storing this tool for a long lifespan. The edges are very sharp to cut anything, even hard braches. And the entire shear is simple to use, with a safety switch behind its actual trigger.

(a) 60 Minute charging tine
(b) Blade cover
(c) 1300mAh rechargeable and durable lithium-ion battery
(d) 12mm cutting capacity

(a) Removable blades
(b) An efficient and reliable tool
(c) Ergonomic and stylish design
(d) Safety switch for more safety
(e) Fast charging cordless

(a) The instruction guidebook is Japanese

Home Yoo electric pruning shear ( reachable cordless)

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Home Yoo is packed with useful features for making it perfect for an extensive range of gardening tasks. The first thing you will love is a rubberized handle that offers comfort and optimal grip when using it. Plus, the tool got a cutting capacity of 14mm, meaning the user can effectively cut branches, stems, twigs, and other related garden tasks.

Regardless that its battery got a 1500mAh capacity, it lasts for six hours of usage. Besides, this a robust and dependable tool that provides clean-cut helping our plants to thrive. And also perfect for maintaining flowering plants and fruit trees. You will love the easy-to-read guidelines, which are essential, mainly when someone is new to using an electric pruner.

Further, this electric pruning shear is manufactured with a safety switch behind the main trigger for keeping the user safe. In essence, this tool also topographies bright orange color, which makes it simple to spot, even after forgetting it in your garden. Additionally, the outer casing is manufactured from superior-quality plastic, while its blades are made of durable metal.

(a) 30mm cutting capacity
(b) 1500mAh rechargeable cordless
(c) service life 3 to 5 times longer than that of a conventional brush motor
(d) Rubberized handle

(a) Anti-slip grip
(b) Adequate cutting capacity
(c) Ergonomic design
(d) Rugged construction for extended lifespan

(a) Insufficient battery life

Sue joe rechargeable electric pruning shear ( PJ3600C-Red power pruner)

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Sun Joe is a straightforward and lightweight tool to enable the user to prune like an expert. It will serve you cutting about 750 cuts on that specific charge when it cordless is fully charged. Cutting is easy as only squeezing the trigger.

Plus is provides an ergonomic construction that offers a safe and comfortable grip. This means someone can utilize this pruner with a single hand for an extended time, even without straining both hands.

Besides, this shear comes with two significant safety features. One behind the specific trigger to prevent any accidental cuts, second are double LED lights to utilize even when in low light conditions. Admirably, unlike other related brands, this electric pruner is delivered with a two-year warranty.

And this indicates that this is a high-quality tool. Additionally, this tool features a fantastic blade cover for protecting the blades from excess moisture in their storage.

(a) LED light
(b) 2-year warranty
(c) 200mAh cordless capacity
(e) 65min charge period
(f) Removable blade

(a) Affordable
(b) Easy to use
(c) Provides 750 cuts per single charge
(d) Fast charging cordless

(a) Poor customer service

Scotts outdoor electric pruning shear ( PR17215S 7.2 –volt)

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This pruning shear features 2000mAh best internal lithium cordless that provides 800 cuts with one charge. Its blades are manufactured from robust steel, making it hard even when bending to harsh applications. Further, the tool features an active safety switch back the trigger, which aids someone in preventing unintended cuts.

You will love the rubberized grip and how this pruner is compact and lightweight. Besides, the cutting capacity of this shear enables the user even to cut large trees. And the compact and lightweight design aid someone to easily carry your pruner from place to place.

Additionally, it is delivered with a robust plastic sheath for covering the blades when it’s being stored. Admirably, you can use this tool for a long time without getting tired due to its well-designed grip and lightweight layout.

(a) Two-year warranty
(b) Safety switch
(c) Built-in and active lithium battery

(a) Compact and lightweight
(b) Active safety switch
(c) Cushioned handled for ease grip.
(d) Strong cordless that provides 800 cuts per single charge
(e) Ergonomic layout reduces stress on users’ hands.

(a) It runs slowly for extended usage.