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Best Alkaline Water Pitchers in 2020

Have you been having a problem with alkaline water or water with heavy metals, chlorine, fluorides, and nasty tastes, and then this article will solve your problem. This review highlights some of the best
alkaline water pitchers that you may acquire for yourself and your family. Go through this list and choose the top best alkaline water pitcher, and your sensation in taking sweet and nice water will be solved.

Best Alkaline Water Ionizers

Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers

Seychelle PH20

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It is available in both one and 2-liter models having strong filters that can keep out impurities such
as bacteria and fluoride. Furthermore, its filters can last as long as three months giving a longer life span. Though this pitcher is small, it comes with two filters, which help you deal with water with high
alkaline levels.

  • Increases pH up to 9.5
  • USA made, USA tested filter
  • Sleek and fridge-friendly

Invigorated Living Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Having multiple filtering stages, this pitcher has the capability of removing heavy metals, bacteria,
fluoride and, chlorine in the water. Additionally, it also has the skills of elevating the PH levels by
adding minerals such as calcium and selenium. This pitcher is unique since its base is made of rubber, enabling it to stand comfortably on all surfaces and has a digital gauge on the lid while its filters are
designed with anti-blocking features.

  • Large filter capacity
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Removes odor, color, & non-organic & organic matter

Health Metric Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Another unique pitcher containing a fluoride filter and has six stages and the capability to handle heavy
metals and bacteria. Its lid is secured by the knob keeping it in place and has the skills of raising
the PH levels to 10. Also, this pitcher has a countdown timer on its lid, which is also spill-proof, and
its filters are capable of lasting for two months.

  • Increases the water pH up to 9.0
  • Removes harmful contaminants
  • Make your water antioxidant-rich

Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

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It is one of the sturdiest pitchers, only having the fluoride filter with a well-designed spill-proof lid. The
count -down timer on its lids helps you to know when to replace the filter cartridges, and it also comes
with two filters that can last you for more than four months. Besides, this pitcher is capable of raising
the PH levels to 10, giving your water a delicious taste.

  • Thick and sturdy ABS plastic pitcher
  • Designed to fit in your refrigerator or on your kitchen counter
  • Easy to clean and built to last


EHM Aurora

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EHM Aurora is well designed and comes with an excellent water capacity, also having six filtering stages. Also, this pitcher has activated carbon, ion exchange resin feature, mineral balls, and mineral
stones, ensuring there are a mineralization and filtration process. The pitcher also delivers a consistent rise in PH levels of your water up to around 10, making it taste quite nice. It ensures the removal of all
impurities and chlorine in the water.

  • High capacity water tank 3.8l pitchers has a filtration capacity of 2l

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher

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It has an attractive looking since it comes in four unique colors having a countdown clock on the lid
help you in replacing the filter cartridges. Furthermore, the pitcher can be filled quickly, and it has
an auto-close hand system. Its filters do not have a long life span; hence should be replaced after one month. Santevia does not increase the PH to higher levels; therefore, the water does not have that
more great taste.

Claro Alkaline Water Pitcher

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It comes with top and nice-looking colors and functional capacity of almost 4 liters. It also contains the LED displays on its filters capable of warning you when they need to be replaced. Additionally, its filters and not that strong and should be replaced every month. The pitcher also does not raise the PH to
higher levels. This pitcher may also not fit in small fridges due to its size.

Dragonn Alkaline Water Pitcher

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It is also another bigger pitcher with a capacity of almost 4 liters and has a 7 stage water filtering process and an LED indicator making it one of the superior pitchers. Besides, the pitcher has a lid that has been well designed hence cannot fall as you pour water. The LED indicator will also enable you to know when the filters are to be replaced. Its 7 stage filtering process ensures excellent removal of chlorine, impurities, and heavy metals, giving your water some sweet taste.

Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher

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Its 7 stage filtering process makes it stand out among the best pitchers since it’s also capable of raising
the PH levels giving your water a great taste. Also, the pitcher has a longer-lasting filter that can
last for three months on constant use. Its 7 filtering stage also ensures that all the impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, and fluorides are completely removed in your water.

Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher

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One of the best and safest pitchers are having a LED indicator on the lid to notify you when the filters are worn out. Additionally, it has excellent filters that help in removing the nasty smell, a host of chemicals, chlorine, and impurities in your water. It also raises the PH to decent margin levels of around 10 averagely giving your pool a sweet and pleasant taste. The pitcher also comes with an extra free filter to boost your water purifying process.


Having gone through this article, you will be convinced that this alkaline water purifying pitchers are all
good. It is, therefore, your sole decision to choose the one that suits you. However, any of these pitchers
that you will decide to pick will help you in your purifying process hence giving you a pleasant sensation in quenching your thirst.

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