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Best Climbing Harness

These are the best climbing harness for beginners. You can see from the features that they are good as they come with the most important safety features in place. If you are looking for the best, you can consider any of these five products, they made the list because of their wonderful features.

Are you looking for the best climbing harness for beginners? Choosing the best is not easy because there are lots of factors to consider before you make that perfect choice. If you are not well guided, you could end choosing the wrong harness. You must understand how to choose the best climbing harness as well as the best brands in the market.

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For beginner climbers looking for the best, there are few factors to consider and the most important amongst them is the issue of comfort, adjustability. Beginners would like those harness that can adjust, as well as tweak when they are making that choice.

To make it easy to make a choice, we have compiled a list of factors that will guide you in the final choice you make, as well as the best five you can buy with money.

Here are some of the qualities of a good quality harness that beginner climbers must consider when they are making a choice. Some of the core factors to look out for when you are making that choice and they include the following:


Durability is very critical when you are making that choice. This refers to how long the product lasts when you make that choice. When you make a choice, the issue of durability is indispensable. A good quality harness should last for some years so that you do not spend money on that every time. A good quality product should be able to distribute weight evenly and this is one of the factors that can make it last longer.


This is another factor that determines harness quality. The strength is important since it determines how long that is going to last. Usually, this product is meant to be strong, but in practice, all parts of the product are not usually strong. Some are not as strong as other components. You must consider the strength of the components before you make that choice.

All the components are strong because loops can be attached to some parts and in such a situation, it should become strong. The life-threatening risks it can be when all the components are not strong. When you are making that choice, try to understand those parts of it that are supposed to bear the weight and those that are not supposed to bear that weight.


Most importantly, comfort is a critical factor. You should always feel comfortable no matter the way you stand on it. Whether you sit or stand, you must stay comfortable, this remains an indispensable factor in choosing the best. There is no way you can enjoy rock climbing when you use a harness that is not comfortable for you to use. When you wear a comfortable one, you can climb safely and it makes you climb longer.

When it is comfortable, it has to fit the waist and it can fit even if you decide to wear it on the hip. Irrespective of the way you wear this product, it must be able to snug fit you. However, it does not have to be very tight when you wear it so that you will not find it hard to move when you are using it.

The other important factor to consider when you are making that purchase is the issue of weight. Comfort and weight go together. If you are a professional climber or you are doing it as a competition, the issue of weight can be a factor. You must ensure that you get a product you will not find hard and difficult to use.

What is the type of climbing?

The other important factor to consider is the type of climbing to be made. While making a choice, you can decide on the way you want to use it and that can determine the final choice you made. There are three types you can choose from. The first type is the sport and gym harnesses. From its name, you can infer that this is meant for indoor use ad the gym and it is for sports purposes.

The other type of alpine harnesses. By design, this model is meant to be lightweight and they are also adjustable. To get that comfort you require, the harness must be highly adjustable. Because of the nature of the climb you want to do, the issue of weight is critical when you are purchasing this type.

The third type is the traditional harnesses. From its name, the model is certainly meant for traditional climbing. It is also completely adjustable and it is thick as well as a plethora of loops. There are different varieties here as well as the variety determines the factors you feature when you are making that choice.

Load distribution

The last factor to consider is the issue of load distribution of the harness. This aspect is also critical to what it can impact on the user. Weight has to be equally distributed through the harness. This feature is also critical as well as safety and comfort are concerned.

Best five picks for beginner climbers

Now that you know what to look out for when you are looking out for this kind of product. To make choice easier, we have compiled the list of the best five climbing harnesses which you can choose from. What is the best harness for the beginner? Keep reading to discover the top five products in the market today.

A List of Top Best Climbing Harness for Beginner

Mad Rock Mars Climbing Harness

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If you are looking for the perfect entry-level climbing harness, you can start with this model. It also comes with important features such as a Mad Rock Mars harness as well as a kangaroo chalk bag as well as small loose. The model is also one of the most comfortable to use and it looks great and highly attractive and comes with adjustable leg loops as well as a waist belt which makes it the most user-friendly product in the market.

The most interesting part of this product is the three buckles harness as well as auto lock buckles. The padding system makes it more comfortable than several others out there. This also makes it more durable than others. To make it more comfortable to use, this product also features air pockets and the aim is to provide sufficient air when you are the inside product. They are interested in the comfort of its users. It is perfect all around and the comfort, as well as the safety of the user of this product, is one hundred percent certain. There are at least five sizes in the market and make your choice based on your size.


  • It features two gear loops
  • The padding is superior
  • Available in five sizes
  • Comes with the best safety and comfort features for its users


  • The model is heavy

EDELRID Fraggle II Children’s Climbing Harness

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Many people especially kids and learners feel very comfortable when they use this product. This model is meant for especially for kids who want to enjoy the sports of climbing. Even kids who are as young as ten months can use this product. This climbing harness is perhaps the most user-friendly in the market and it is widely accepted across the world.

Because it is meant for kids, it is not expected to take a large load and, it can take 40 kg. The product is fully padded and that is why it can provide maximum comfort for the users. Besides, this product is also stable. Moreover, this product does not tangle because it can hardly twist.

At the back of that harness is where the second loop is located. It is good for kids because they can rely on it when they are stuck on the way up when they are climbing. This loop will simply bring them down from where they started.

The design also makes it more attractive to kids who like the colors. This alone attracts the kids to use it. Furthermore, you can practice with this and use it indoors.


  • It is a full-body harness
  • This comes with a second loop at its back
  • It does not tangle nor twist
  • It is lightweight and meant for kids


  • It is only for kids

Klein Tools Tree Climbing Harness

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When it comes to fitness equipment, Klein is the clear leader and this climbing harness is one of the best from the company. Because of the simple design, it is good for beginners. It is a top-quality tool. The company paid attention to details and displays the best-known workmanship. It is good for tree climbers. Because of the quality design, this product is highly expensive and many people may not afford the cost. However, nobody is going to worry about the price tag because it is worth it.

This product meets the desire of most harness climbers and when it comes to quality, it is one of the best. For tree climbers, this product is the best since it is not going to disappoint you, since it is designed with the finest quality materials.

When it comes to the quality of materials, it is designed with the finest quality materials available in the industry. The leather is the best quality and it comes with a climbing pad which makes it very comfortable to use. Users of this kind of product are interested in comfort and there is no doubt that this is one of the most comfortable in the market. Furthermore, it comes from extra long gaffs and this makes it to penetrate when you are climbing. The implication is that it is not going to fall and will not slip.

Moreover, this product is also adjustable. The adjustability feature makes it easy for use by more than one person. Furthermore, it comes with contoured leg irons and the aim is to provide support and make it comfortable to use it. It is good to state that the maximum weight this can take is 300lbs. It comes with everything you want.


  • It is highly adjustable
  • The model comes with extra-long gaffs
  • Designed with the best quality materials
  • It can be used by more than one person


  • The product is also highly expensive

Xben Portable Climbing Harness

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Some people refer to this as a safety belt but it is one of the best climbing harnesses you can buy with money. The product has lots of interesting features such as lightweight and portability. Professional climbers like this. Since it is portable, learners will not find it hard to use the model.

It is safe to use because of the safety belt. Learners can use this with confidence knowing that its users will not find it hard to use it. most importantly, this product is very easy and simple to use. Even if it does not fit or size you, it is highly adjustable to make it fit you very well.

The product is universal and versatile because anybody can use it with ease. Something was said about adjustability before. You can easily adjust it within the weight of 32 inches to 50 inches. Moreover, this model is good for general use. If you like you can use it in the home as well as the garden. Besides, it is not restricted to only one user

The weight limit of this product is 200Kg and you must consider the weight of the user when you are making a choice. The breaking strength of this product is put at 22KN. The total width of this belt is 4.2cm.

Most people rate this product high because of the unique adjustment system as well as the special buckle. These make it safe to use. You can comfortably use this with confidence. The safety belt is not good for climbing and it is good only for home use. It is not meant for professional use which means that you cannot take it to the mountain.


  • The product is easy and simple to use
  • It is highly adjustable
  • The product is also lightweight and compact
  • It comes with safety features


  • It is not the best for harness climbing

Lewong Chest Climbing Harness

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One of the best climbing tools out there for beginners. It is a universal hands-free chest harness. Since climbing is a dangerous sport, it is necessary that when one is embarking on this kind of sport that he becomes prepared for it.

The product comes with everything that makes for safe climbing and one of them is the ability to communicate quickly and promptly. When you climb your hands are free and that makes the climbing easy.

If you are a rescuer or a responder to an emergency climbing call, you can use this model, it is suitable for that purpose. The hands-free functionality makes it universal and versatile for climbers, bikers, fishers, campers as well as hikers, and so on. Besides, it comes with everything you need for travel.


  • Great storage
  • Unisex
  • Universal use
  • Adjustable


  • It is a small size