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Best Pilates Chairs

These are the best Pilates chairs you can buy with money. You can use them for multiple exercises. For any of them you use, you will have real value for your money. There is a wide range of Pilates chairs in the market, and it is not easy for a new buyer to choose the best. Available in the market are incalculable numbers and these are available at different prices.

When you are looking for the best do not concentrate just on the price, you must consider other features. While you cannot avoid the issue of price, put a priority on quality and performance, and relate it with the price. This can assist in making a choice.

It is pertinent to state here that the best in the market is not necessarily those with the highest price tag. The buying guide provided below can assist you in making that choice.

Here are some of the features to consider when you are making a choice

Where is to be used

The first thing to ask yourself when you are making that choice is where you want to use the exercise equipment. Some can use it in the home while others can use theirs at the gym. If you want to use it in the home, then you must consider the issue of space. If you do not have space, look for the foldable ones. You can easily fold and pack them at the end of the exercise.


The other issue to consider when you are making that choice is the issue of weight. If you want to be taking it from one place to another, look for the compact and lightweight models. Besides, such models must be portable. It has to be compact, foldable, and lightweight.

Durable construction

The other factor you must not ignore when you are making that choice is the sturdy construction. Since you would be exercising on this thing every time, you must opt for the most durable models in the market. Since it can be costly, look for a product that can last you for a long time.

Variety of exercises

Besides, you should be able to use the product for different kinds of exercises. Do not restrict yourself to just one exercise when you make that choice. When you do varieties of exercises, you would have real value for your money and you can achieve fitness with ease.


Moreover, it should be comfortable enough to allow you to exercise with the machine. If you cannot use it comfortably then the essence of getting it is then defeated.

Best Pilates Chair reviews

Balanced Body EXO Chair

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The model is a full-body workout Pilates. It can be used to achieve different exercise purposes which include fluidity, stability, strength, and complete body workouts. If you are looking for that full-body workout machine, then you can always consider this model. It tops the list because of the quality and wonderful performance.

It is user friendly since it is lightweight and compact. The implication is that you can use it in your home with ease. It is easy to move along from one place to another. Because of the compact design, the model is a great addition to your home. It is stackable and portable. Most importantly, you can easily use this for a customized exercise. It is highly versatile. This is customizable because of the accessories. This comes with 2 springs, an adjustable bench with eight resistance levels. You can rely on this for such exercises as core workouts, sculpting as well as cardio exercises, and so on.

A professional chair Pilate, you can also use it to tone your muscles and to burn excess weight and other useful purposes.


  • It has multipurpose use
  • Most people use this for resistance band exercises
  • It is durable and can last you for many years
  • This model is lightweight, portable, and compact


  • It is not easy to move about because it does not come with a handle.

Elina Pilates Elite Wood Stability Chair

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Another great product for those who rely on Pilate chairs for their workout. It is a premium quality product and it is rated high because of the fantastic design. Among its innovative features include the split pedal design. This makes a difference in the way you do your workout. You can use this individually or you can use them collectively to achieve your objective. It all depends on your choice. If you want to switch from one model of exercise to another, it is possible and it is a question of using the locking slider which is under the pedals.

Besides, it comes with handles that are fully and highly adjustable. It is available in four spring positions and you can choose between the four spring positions. Apart from that, it is available in two spring lengths which you are free to select from. Because of that, it is good for different resistance levels. The model is there to take care of your specific work out needs since it comes with two heavy springs as well as two mediums. If you want to remove the handles it is easy and simple to do and it is a question of twisting as well as pulling the handle to remove them. There is no learning curve associated with this before you can remove and reinstall the handle. Another thing you can easily fix here is to adjust the handle height and the adjustable length ranges from 44 to 47 as well as 50 inches and so on.

Besides the handle is very comfortable and it can last for a long time. To make it comfortable to use, you observe it is covered using a foam material. This simply makes it easy and comfortable to use.

It is comfortable because of the leather which covers the seat. The leather does not slip which means that you can just pedal the machine to your ability until you achieve what you desire by using it.


  • The handle can be adjusted to suit your height
  • It comes with an integrated transport wheel
  • This comes with an underneath slide locker
  • It is very comfortable and very easy to use


  • It is a bit cumbersome to transport it from one place to another.

Stott Pilates Split-Pedal Stability Chair

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If you are looking for a stability chair, then you can always consider this model. Apart from that, you can use this for other kinds of exercises. It is a versatile product which means that you can easily use it for other exercise purposes. For instance, some people can deploy this to perform some exercises like standing, sitting as well as lying down exercises, and so on.

Most importantly, it comes with adjustable handles. If you want to remove these handles, you can do that with ease. You can change it for lunges and dips and other purposes.

Furthermore, it features a split pedal and because of that, you can engage in this exercise like lower body as well as upper body workouts. Most importantly, it is compact enough and this means that you can easily use this in a small space.

You can use this in your home and you can use it in the gym and other places including the gym. Moreover, it comes with a DVD which can serve as a guide and you can rely on it for other exercises which you can do in the comfort of your home. When you finish with the exercises, you can simply remove the chair and put it back from where you picked it.

You can get other information about the product by visiting the information section where the manufacturers provided comprehensive information about how best you are going to use this wonderful product.

Besides, it is usable for expandable programmable options. If you want to rebalance your muscles, you can also rely on this equipment. The design is such that it can provide you all the kind of support which you require for your exercises. Apart from the DVD, this product features 2 heavy chair spring as well as two light chair springs and three hooks on spring as an attachment and so on. The high-density foam and pedal make all these possible.


  • Springs is easy to swap out
  • Perfect for different workouts
  • It comes with cushioning foams
  • Good for different kinds of exercises


  • It is not easy to assembly because it requires your assembly

Balanced Body Combo Chair with Handles

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Another superior quality product. It can provide well over ninety pounds of resistance and because of that, you can always get what you want because it offers them to you. The resistance levels include heavy and lighter ones. If you are a beginner, you should start from the lighter one. As you advance you can continue to improve.

In the same way, you can make spring changes without difficulties by using this fantastic. It makes it easy to focus on what you are doing and achieve your workout with ease. The handles are also heights adjustable and there are three levels of adjustment of that handle that you can do. Furthermore, it is lockable and that makes it more stable. The implication of this is that you can use it with confidence. Also, it is easy to choose between split and single pedal and that depends on what you want to achieve and what is good for you.

Most importantly, it comes with a seat that is comfortable and padded. This makes it convenient and very comfortable to use. Pilate comes with everything you need and it is not surprising that it makes the list of the best five.


  • It is easy and simple to change the springs when you want to
  • The equipment comes with an upholstery seat which is durable and comfortable
  • The product is compatible with trapeze table
  • It is suitable for multiple exercises


  • The model is also heavy and does not come with transport wheels

Life’s A Beach Pilates PRO Chair

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This is another wonderful product which you can use for different kinds of exercises such as low body and body exercises and you can do these exercises separately. It comes with an innovative split pedal and that maximizes the workouts you do with it. Moreover, this product is adjustable and because of that you can comfortably achieve the exercise you want and you do that by adjusting its resistance level. It is easy to do by using the product spring level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you will not find it hard to use this great product.

The chair is also versatile because you can comfortably use this for other exercises. It is not restricted to Pilates exercises, it is good for resistance, workouts, yoga as well as band exercise, and several other exercises.

To make the exercises easier, this comes with instructional DVDs which can be useful in all the exercises you want to do with this product. This can equally serve as an exercise guide.

When it comes to longevity, this product is durable. Every component is durable because of the quality materials used to make it. The seat for instance is very durable and it is smooth. Thanks to the vinyl quality materials that are used in making it. There are several colors out there in the market and that means that you can easily make a choice. If you are within 300 pounds of weight, you can use this product without difficulty.

You are going to train to the maximum and you will train to satisfaction when you use it. It is a good different kind of exercise including arms, legs, and other workout exercises. The resistance level will keep on adjusting until you get what you want. This is exercise equipment for everybody. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can comfortably use this product.

If you continue to use this for a long time, you soon turn into a professional. This item was tested and found to be one hundred percent perfect and that is why it makes the list.


  • It is good for the whole-body workouts
  • This comes with a resistance level you can comfortably adjust
  • It is good for multiple exercises
  • The product features different DVDs


  • Rubber handles can tear easily