The Best Cordless Heat Guns

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Heat guns are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as bending plastic, removing paint, and cutting through wire cables. While corded models are reliable due to their continuous power supply, cordless heat guns offer more flexibility for those who need to work in different locations.

Cordless heat guns are lightweight and convenient to use, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks that require high heat levels. They also allow for greater mobility and are well-suited for working in tight spaces. Additionally, cordless heat guns have heat adjustment settings that can be customized for different projects and are powered by either rechargeable or disposable batteries.

A List of Top 5 Best Cordless Heat Guns

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun

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This is a quality yet reliable heat gun that enables you to work anywhere, including in tight spaces. The heat gun is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can last for more than 40 minutes. The heat gun is recommendable for multiple activities ranging from shrinking wires tubes, shrinking paints, and plastic materials.

Another feature that makes this a reliable heavy-duty functioning tool is heating power. This cordless heat gun can heat up to 990 degrees F to supply enough heat while saving time. Besides, you can use it to work for long hours without your hand getting fatigued, as it only weighs 1.4 pounds.

Special features
• The nozzle has a standard size to fit with other devices
• This heat gun is comfortable and lightweight
• It releases heat of up to 990 degrees F
• The tool features two heat settings

Cordless Heat Gun, PRULDE NHG0140 Lithium

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Take your heat gun not to take your corded model when working with this cordless model from PRULDE. This is an upgraded model with four different designed nozzles that you can utilize for multiple projects. This cordless heat gun has an ergonomic handle for comfortable gripping to work and has lightweight for convenient working for long.

The cordless heat gun is ideal to use either indoors or outdoors as the compact size makes it possible to reach tight areas indoors with the heat gun. It is recommendable for materials that require both low and extreme heating settings since you can set the heat to up to 1022 degrees F.

Special features
• The heat gun comes with four nozzles
• The heat settings reach 1022 degrees F
• The heat gun comes with 30 days money refund warranty
• The tool features a double safety mechanism

Wagner 0503070 FURNO 700 Digital Heat Gun

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Even if this cordless heat gun features a compact style, you can use it for multiple activities. The tool has heat settings that range from 750 to 1100 degrees F to ensure you get excellent heating results. This heat gun is recommendable for jobs like; removing paint, flooring, bending plastic, and removing wire tubing.

The handle of the heat gun has an ergonomic style for compatible gripping to work in your projects. This also ensures you don’t feel too exhausted when working.

Special features
• This cordless heat gun heats at 750 to 1100 degrees F
• It has an inbuilt loop for hanging
• This heat gun is compatible with multiple activities
• The tool features free hands working mode

VonHaus 18V Cordless Heat Gun Professional Hot Air Gun with LED

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If you are prefer a heat gun you can use in dark places; this model is a recommendable option to consider getting. The heat gun comes with three nozzles; reflector, concentrator, and air spreader nozzles to carry out multiple activities. This heat gun is recommendable for a wide variety of jobs, even those that require high heat level, since it can release heat of up to 932 degrees F.

Other than the high heat operational option, this heat gun works at high speed such that you can reach the high heating point in just 10 seconds. It has two triggers that only take two steps to change such that even a beginner can comfortably interchange the device when working. You can work with this heat gun even in areas with low illumination since it comes with an LED light for illumination when working.

Special features
• The heat gun comes with three working nozzles
• The tool only weighs 1.3 pounds for comfortable holding
• It is relatively easy to use when working
• The heat regulates up to 932 degrees F

Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun

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Another ergonomic cordless heat gun that you can use for multiple projects and with varying materials. The heat gun can release heat of up to 1100 degrees F ensures you can handle even the hard materials that need high heat. This heat gun is suitable to work with for long hours since it features an ergonomic handle for right grasping.

Flexibility when working on multiple areas is guaranteed as this heat gun is cordless and light as well.You will love other features from this heat gun are; the foldable kickstands for easy storage and stability when keeping on a working table. It also has quality materials crafting to ensure durability.

Special features
• The heat gun releases heat of up to 1100 degrees F
• The temperature is adjustable
• It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable working
• This tool is light in weight

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