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Best Hunting Backpacks

You’ve probably heard countless recommendations on what backpacks are the best for hunting. Sometimes you have a specific kind of backpacking that interests you; other times, you have a particular location of backcountry that interests you, and so on. Maybe your favorite brand of the backpack is available in multiple sizes and types so that you can find the one that is right for you. It can be difficult to know where to begin looking for the best backpacking backpack.

Photo by Fredrik Öhlander

There are so many great brands and so many wonderful deals to be had with each purchase. What you make of these options will help inform your decision a little bit, but they won’t tell you how good they are exactly.

Whether you’re looking for a casual backpacking trip or you’re looking for a serious backpacking trip, there are many different backpacking backpack options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a budget backpacking pack or want to take your gear with you when you’re traveling, there are some great backpacking backpacks available.

A List of Top Best Hunting Backpacks


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Pursuit hunting is a very specific niche, but the ALPS of it all has to be the best backpacking backpack for the job. The mountaineering backpack platform goes back to the days of backpacker guides and mountaineering parties, and this classic design is still being used by guides today. The ALPS carries on the tradition by serving as the ideal hiking and backpacking backpack for people who want to spend time in the backcountry without being an empty-handed fool. The ALPS come in two different designs, the classic and the trail-merged. The trail-merged ALPS can be used for hiking and backpacking and come with built-in lights and a lightweight damper system to help keep your back on track. These are the best backpacking backpack options out there, and they’re also the most affordable.


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The Metcalf boasts accessories such as axes, axes, and more and is perfect for hiking and backpacking. The large screen display with infrared lightbar makes for a really clear view in the dark, and there are two DDoS options to choose from, one with a light and one without. The built-in wind cape is a must-have accessory for rugged backpacking and walking in the woods. The Metcalf also comes with a large pocket and spacious inside to hold extra clothes, snacks, maps, and more. These are the perfect backpacking backpack for anyone who wants to take their gear with them on the go.


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Pans is a well-liked brand for its tough but user-friendly backpacks, ideal for hiking and backpacking. The PANS brand also carries many different designs with different features and price points, making it a great option for budget-conscious backpackers who want an affordable option without breaking the bank. The PANS design features a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad doubling as a backpack shoulder strap. It has a large screen display that lets you see everything from the comfort of your bed or couch.


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The TIDEWE is a unique design best used for backpacking in incredibly dense forests. It comes with an included hiking staff that doubles as an emergency flotation staff when needed. There are many different pricing options for the TIDEWE, so make sure you shop around to see what works best for you.


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The Badlands Diablo is a trekking pack that is perfect for backpacking in the rigorous backcountry environments of the Continent. It has plenty of space inside for bags, clothes, and snacks and is great for backpackers enjoying the backcountry. The Badlands Diablo also has a travel staff that doubles as a water bottle holder and a spareUpdate water bottle. This is a great option for people looking for a versatile backpacking backpack but who don’t have space for an extended trip. The Badlands Diablo is perfect for short backpacking expeditions or longer backpacking trips.


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The ALPS OutdoorZ is a three-in-one backpack with a water bottle holder, lunch sacks, and a laptop sleeve. This is a great travel backpacking backpack that doubles as a travel case when needed. It comes with a shoulder strap and shoulder pad that can be used as a backpack shoulder strap or shoulder bag. The ALPS OutdoorZ comes with a built-in flashlight and can be used for hiking and backpacking.