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Top 5 Best Silverware Trays (2021) Reviews

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to organize your cutlery, the Best Silverware Trays? You are not the only one. Many people search for the cutlery tray that is made of quality material. Our kitchens are usually overloaded with single pieces of cutlery and we all need a suitable solution. The great kitchen is a great organization. It is all possible thanks to proper kitchen cutlery trays. Nowadays, you can find many variations, but only a few are the most suitable for the purpose of cutlery storage. Let’s take a look at the best silverware trays on the market below:

1. Mesh Large Cutlery Tray – Silverware Storage by Storage Technologies

1. Mesh Large Cutlery Tray - Silverware Storage by Storage Technologies
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With this cutlery tray, you get more than you expect. The simple design is made to meet all your needs, while stainless steel parts protect the silverware in the best way. Be sure that your forks and knives get the best place for storage. It is easy with this kind of tray. Your cutlery will be protected with the stainless steel mesh that secures additional quality.

This tray is great if you look for an affordable and quality solution. It provides a good basis for small cutlery, because of numerous small-size compartments. All those small forks and teaspoons will find the ideal place. On the other hand, even the bigger pieces will get space. With this tray, the storage is simple for all users.

Key Features and Benefits:

• The area under the tray is protected with the foam
• Dimensions are perfect for any drawer
• Stainless steel wire mesh is very useful
• 6 compartments for easier storage
• Superior design


• Stretch resistant mesh gives a protective purpose
• Elegant design
• Lifetime warranty is provided


• Only one compartment for bigger cutlery
• Only one color to choose from

2. Bamboo Expandable Cutlery tray -Silverware & Drawer by Utopia Kitchen

2. Bamboo Expandable Cutlery tray -Silverware & Drawer by Utopia Kitchen
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If you are looking for completely natural solutions, this Best Silverware Trays might be ideal. It is made of bamboo, which is a great alternative to other materials. Plastic and steel are good, but bamboo is an exceptionally natural option. Designers of the tray want to make a real difference with specially designed products. Users all over the world find it very helpful.

Ecological awareness was the main purpose of the manufacturer and it is visible when you take a look at this tray. We should spread the word about sustainable materials inside our homes, especially when it comes to silverware storage. Smart solutions like this bamboo tray are always a good choice.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Very easy to clean with plain water
• Adjustable dimensions of compartments
• Huge storage space
• Sleek design made of natural bamboo
• Any kind of cutlery can be placed inside


• It is FSC and FDA approved
• Very durable construction


• Larger in size when expanded completely

3. Rubbermaid Large No-Slip Best Silverware Trays

Best Silverware Trays - Rubbermaid Large No-Slip Cutlery Tray
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The biggest advantage of this cutlery tray is definitely a non-slip bottom that ensures the stable position of the tray. You probably have experience with usual trays. They move a lot and they make a huge noise.

When you use this tray, there is no any kind of noise when you open the drawer, which is not the case with other trays. Usually, they move inside the drawer and the usage is not comfortable.

With the Rubbermaid tray, you can be sure the tray will stay stable every time you open the drawer. Get the most comfortable tray with special properties.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Very helpful non-slip feature
• It comes with adjustable size
• Safe for any dishwashing machine
• Suitable for long-lasting usage


• The Rubbermaid brand provides quality for nearly 80 years
• Users’ comments are usually positive
• Materials are providing durable construction and prolonged usage


• No warranty included
• There are claims that the plastic deforms after some period of time

4. InterDesign Rain Silverware, Flatware Caddy Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage

Best Silverware Tray - InterDesign Rain Silverware, Flatware Caddy Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage
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The completely different storage tray is coming with this InterDesign solution. The storage is very unique because you cutlery stands up instead of traditional laying position. This is very convenient is some situations, especially when you want to put the organizer on the table. It will complete the overall interior design. When you want to try some original invention, go for this storage combination. Your guests will certainly be surprised by the specific design.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Stainless steel bottom secures long endurance
• You can hold napkins along with usual cutlery pieces
• Completes any table setting
• Convenient usage of the storage space


• Quality plastic is made of a strong material
• The size is suitable for placing on top of the table
• Elegant design suits most dining styles


• The caddy is not easy to wash because of the specific design
• Some users claim the plastic should be completely transparent
• You cannot place it in the drawer and it might be a big downside

5. mDesign Silverware, Flatware Caddy Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage, Dining Table

5. mDesign Silverware, Flatware Caddy Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Storage, Dining Table
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Silverware storage has never been more stylish. This kind of design always looks good on any occasion. Party outside might be the best event for all those lovers of interesting organizers. Bring this caddy to the party and give some exceptional hint of elegance. Everyone will notice it for sure. The organizer is made to provide quality as well. Durable plastic with woven accents is an ideal companion wherever you are. Party, home or outdoors will have a great detail that organizes the cutlery in an interesting way.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Built-in handles are ideal for picnic and outdoor events
• The small size makes it very portable
• It comes in two colors that suit any decoration style
• 4 compartments for napkins, forks, spoons, and other cutlery
• Many functional properties


• The interesting design is perfect for a picnic outside
• Most users leave positive reviews
• The company behind guarantees the quality


• The material is prone to damage
• The size is too small for a bigger number of cutlery pieces


Now, you know 5 best silverware trays you can find online. They are all available on Amazon, so you can get them easily. Choose the favorite silverware storage option and organize your cutlery in the best way.

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