The Best Woodturning Tools

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Woodturning tools, also referred to as wood lathe chisels, are essential in turning, smoothing, and shaping wood in a way that handheld devices like sandpaper cannot. With the right wood lathe, you have the flexibility to carve wood into the perfect balance. Woodturning tools are a critical part of any woodworker’s toolkit, and purchasing them for the first time can be overwhelming. However, with the right information, you can find the best wood lathe chisels that provide effective smoothening and sharpening results in woodwork.

When shopping for woodturning tools, keep in mind that quality often comes at a price. It is essential to invest in the best wood lathe chisels that will last longer and provide better results. Additionally, consider factors such as the type of wood you work with, the shape and size of the tools, and the intended use.

In conclusion, woodturning tools are a crucial investment for any woodworker who desires to achieve exceptional results in their woodwork projects. Take the time to research and choose the best wood lathe chisels that suit your needs and budget.

A List of Top 10 Best Woodturning Tools

HSS Woodworking Chisel

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The HSS woodworking chisel is one of the most prominent and complete sets of turning tools to consider. These tool blades are made from M2 high-speed steel that is capable of outlasting standard carbon steel blades. Each set features eight turning tools, with each being about 5.25 inches long.


  • Each tool comes with a ferrule that enhances performance while turning wood
  • Not only simple to use but also designed to last much longer
  • Features a closable wooden case that keeps the tools protected


  • With its length, it can easily break.

PSI Woodworking LCHSS

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The PSI woodworking chisel is one other preferable lathe, which is ideal for turning pens, spindles, bowls, and even relatively large projects. It features 5-1/4 inch M2 HSS blades that last for quite long. This kit has eight turning tools, each with a different size and purpose. It is characterized by a 10-3/4 inch hardwood handle.


  • It can be used by turners of different skill levels
  • Their longevity is reliable


  • They need sharpening after every use

PSI Woodworking LXPMSET Ultra Carbide System

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Considering the PSI LXPMSET will offer you enhanced value for your money. This system features a handle that works with three distinct cutter profiles; 2-inch radius, diamond detail, and 0.375″ round. This system comprises three cutter profiles, a magnetic chip deflector, Allen wrench, three cutter profiles, and a nylon pouch.


  • It has sharp carbide cutters with numbered edges making them ideal for rotation
  • Its flat bottom handle blade guarantees a straighter cut.


  • It takes quite long to replace the cutter in its handle.

Savannah Carbide Turning Tool (Large Size)

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The popularity of this carbide turning tool is attributed to the ease in woodturning it accentuates. Its use of use makes it ideal for people of all skill levels. The set features a large round, diamond cutter, and square cutter tools which measure 6-9/16″, 6-5/8″ and 6-9/16, respectively.


  • Its blades are much sharper than steel blades
  • They have a rubber grip that helps in avoiding fatigue while turning
  • It has a flat back that enhances stability when turning


  • It is costlier than the aforementioned

Easy Wood Tools Combo

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The quality of this USA-manufactured woodworking tool has been one of its major selling points. It can only accept specific proprietary replacement carbide cutters. It is characterized by a 9-inch and 3.5 by 0.375” square stainless-steel bar. Its length is 12.5 inches.


  • It has many sharp sides that need no extra sharpening in the long run
  • The cutters remain sharp for a longer period of time.
    It is quite easy to use

Hurricane Turning Tools

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These hurricane turning tools are standard and made from HSS and designed for woodturners who have intermediate skills. Its edge holding ability is quite reliable and can last for so long. Their 16-inch long handles made from solid ash will be worth looking at. This set features 16 different tools.


  • The M2 HSS blades allow you to finish their task without necessarily having to re-sharpen
  • The set of chisels are reliable, serviceable and sharp


  • Sharpening and grounding these tools can be quite hard at times

PSI Woodworking LCMINI2 Mini

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The PSI LCMINI2 is a 5-piece set of lathe tools that have come out as an ideal alternative for smaller but detailed turning projects. It features HSS blades, and even hardwood handles with brass ferrules. They come with a 2-year warranty aside from not requiring a battery. These tools come in attractive wooden display boxes.


  • The HSS technology used in making their edges keeps them sharp for relatively long
  • They can be used for a variety of tasks and by experts with different levels of skills.

Simple Woodturning Tools- Simple Turner and Hollower

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This simple to use carbide woodturning tool has also gained much predominance in the recent past. It is ideal for use once you have roughed a block into being a cylinder. The simplicity with which this tool can hollow the wood into the desired shape makes it suitable for use by both intermediate-skilled persons and experts. It features a square shaft and a flat back, which makes it stand out.


  • It will not be necessary to keep sharpening the tools as turning it will be enough. This ensures that you do not face any inconvenience while working. It has multiple edges that are all sharp.
  • Tools are accurately and distinctively engraved, making it easier to pick a suitable item for your task.

PSI Woodworking LCPM3 Penturning Chisel

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The PSI LCPM3 is a professional set of woodturning items that feature high-speed steel blades. While its chisels are 11 inches, its handles are about 8 inches long. This set has a 0.375” rough cutting gouge, a 0.125″ parting tool, and a 0.5″ oval skew.


  • The HSS blades can last for quite long before they need to sharpen
  • They can hold a relatively decent edge


  • The factory edge could be quite disappointing to some people

3-Piece Carbide Turning Tool Set

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The fact that this set produces much cleaner and straight cuts makes it quite suitable for people of different skills. It guarantees much more natural woodturning, aside from the elimination of the inconvenience of sharpening the tool more often.


  • It has sharp carbide edges that can outlast steel edges
  • There is no need to worry about sharpening the tools continually


  • They seem relatively bulky for some people

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1. HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set

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Amateurish, intermediate and professional turners will find the HSS Lathe Chisel Set Suitable. Featuring an 8piece set that takes care of the turning needs of all skill levels. It is ideal for both bulky and pen projects, the size of the lathe notwithstanding. Contained in the set are 8 fine chisels having elegant handles. And parcelled in an alluring wood exhibition box. If you are looking to turn large projects, this tool performs well. And smaller ones like spindle and bowls are also not left out. The blades are made of high-speed steel of 5-1/4-1 inches. These blades are more durable than the carbon counterpart. And will give you several more years of use.

2. 3-Piece Carbide Tool Set

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Experiencing a cleaner and smoother cut doesn’t come in handier that you’ll have in this tool. This savannah carbide turning tool provides such an easy turning on your lathe. With an overall length of 13-1/8, and a handle length of 9-1/8.
Its shaft is approximately 4″. And the set comes with three tools. With replaceable tips, which are the square mini cutter, The round mini cutter, and the Diamond shaped mini cutter. This tool of ease does not hassle you with constant sharpening. Just rotate the tip when the tool dulls and you will have a clean and fresh cutting edge.

3. Robert Sorby

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Strong and quality. this tool is made from a ground polished alloy of steel. And provides free turning alongside with vibration. This modular tool has a round design, which provides a smooth surface that helps you glide your tools across your project with ease. The stems come in different diameters including “, “, ⅞”, ⅝”, 1″, 25mm, 28mm. These diameters are designed to fit most lathes. Especially, the most common of them. There are 6 different rests available. They include 4″, 6″ and 9″. 9″ has curved internal, curved external and a box platform used along with only one stem. The hardened cross bars freeze the possibility of nicks. And provides a smooth finish.

4. Wheel Marking Guage

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If you want to enjoy in your workroom, the wheel marking gauge is all you need. Even if you just got into woodworking, this tool will satisfy you. It lets you make spot hairline marks That is spot on. Both within and across the wood grain. Amazing, isn’t it? Again, you can handle this tool with one hand and it balances just rightly. The wheel marking gauge is not just a tool that gets the work done, but one that gets it done in a sizzling way. An elegant workhorse for any kind of layout work. It also comes with 2 pieces of replacement blade cutters. The cutter is made of quality steel. It has micro adjustment and is very easy to set.

5. AFA Tooling

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For any deburring related task, consider this tool invaluable. It has a deburring tool that is handheld and having a blade, a tungsten carbide scriber, along with 10 extra blades. Making an aggregate of 11 Phenomenal S-blades. These blades are designed with tempered high-speed steel. So they perform well and are resistant to wear. The blades also have an 80% life span more than conventional blades. Its tungsten carbide scriber tip makes nothing too hard to penetrate.

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6. Arbortech ball Gouge

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This grinder creates holes in woodworking projects with finesse. It has a spherically shaped grinder designed specially to provide quality control and balance. And also, to make your free hand sketching stress-free on woods. It’s 30mm ball of diameter helps you to carve the hollow of a wooden spoon finely. Small bowls and small-sized sculpting projects are also included. It is a high technological advancement, featuring anti-grab technology. And creates a fine texture that’s chisel-like.

7. 3-Piece Mini Carbide Cutter

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This cutter, unlike the ordinary cutters, produces a shearing action. It produces smoother and cleaner cuts than the standard cutting tools. And has replaceable tips that suit your style. These tools are portable and provide such smooth and excellent cuts. Take your woodturning experience to the next level with this tool. It’s certainly one of the best woodturning tools you’ll find around.

8. Narex Square Blade

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This tool, made by a Czech firm, has a classy beech handle and a steel ferrule and steel blade made of tough carbon steel. Having a blade length of 2 inch, a handle length of 3 inch and a diameter of 1 inch, which are great for general work layout. penetrating both hard and soft kinds of wood. You can use this tool to pre-drill for screws and for all kinds of work layout. It’s also the author’s choice for best value winner of bench chisel category of the western style in 2008.

9. Savannah 7173 HSS Lathe

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If you are looking for a complete tuning set with diverse applications, the Savannah 7173 is your one-stop shop. The steel is made of M2 high-speed steel which has a longer lifespan than standard carbon steels. It comes with 8 turning tools including parting tool, scraper, screw chisel, round nose scraper, bowl gouge, spindle gouge, spear scrape and roughing Gouge. The sets come with a wooden cover that you can close to protect the tools when you are not using it.

10. PSI woodworking LCPM3

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This tool is longer, sharper and cuts faster. A high-speed steel chisel with 11 inches and a handle of 8 inches. Comes with an alluring wooden box that exhibits the tools. The ⅜ inch gouge handles your rough cutting with finesse. While the ⅛ inch parting tool handles parting-off and tenon cutting with elegance. inch of oval skew makes smooth cuts and excellent surface finishes.