Essential Power Tools Homeowners Should Have

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Fixing things around your house can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s important to be able to tackle every day projects on your own instead of calling a handyman every time something isn’t working the way it should. We all know that a power drill can make life much easier, but what else do you need?

We’ll cover various power tools and what they’re for so that you have a better understanding of how best to use them properly. With these tools you can fix just about anything that can come up when owning a home, and be prepared for any surprise project that might come your way.

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There are so many tools that can make life easier for you if you’re looking to be handy around the house. We’ve shared some of the most popular and useful tools that you should add to your collection so you can be prepared when the time comes.

As a homeowner, it’s best to have a lot of tools around so that your prepared for the many unavoidable prepares that come along with it.

If you have the right power tools in mind, and know what to look for when choosing them, you will be set up for success when you need them most.

These tools will be able to get you through most of your home projects, without you having to call in a professional.

Are you about to start woodworking or home renovation? Read more to find out these recommended power tools for your project.

Power Drill

A power drill is a tool that uses an electric motor to drive a rotary tool bit. The drill can be either in pistol grip style or trigger grip style. Drills are used for drilling holes and driving screws, nails or bolts. Higher-end models have variable speed for use in screwdriving, and some include an automatic clutch to prevent overdriving of screws (that is to say, it stops turning the moment it encounters resistance). Power drills are crucial for any project and many would argue that this is the most important tool to have in your collection.

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  • You can opt for a cordless option that uses a rechargeable battery rather than an electric cord to provide energy.
  • It is useful for situations in which an electric cord would be in the way, or for a project that requires lots of battery power.
  • Using one also saves you from having to be tripping over extension cords and plugging and unplugging them throughout your work.

Hand Saw

A hand saw is a type of saw that uses a back-and-forth motion to cut material. A hand saw can be used for cutting through wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. Hand saws are useful even for small home improvement projects, as they’re not as heavy and bulky as larger saw options. Hand saws may seem intimidating at first, but are actually fairly easy to use with the proper precautions. It’s important to prioritize safety when using a hand saw and follow the instructions carefully to avoid injuries.


  • Before using your saw, it’s best to have a plan and know exactly what you’re cutting and where.
  • It’s also highly recommended that you wear protective clothing like gloves, as well as eye protection (safety glasses).
  • Keep your work area clean of any debris so that your cuts are as precise as possible.


A sander is a device that uses sandpaper to smooth wood, metal, and other materials. Sanding is usually used for finishing or smoothing wood to prevent it from splintering or tearing. Sanders are very important tools to have around because they save you time and effort when it comes to finessing a piece of furniture or decorating the home. They’re also important because they help repair minor scratches or imperfections in furniture and other objects.

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  • For the best results, it’s best to sand in the direction of the wood grain.
  • It’s also recommended that you lightly sand an area before heavy-duty sanding.
  • This gets rid of any unevenness and makes sure you’re not spending extra time on a section that’s already smooth.

Table Saw

A table saw is an instrument that uses a circular blade or blades to cut material. Most table saws are motorized, and can be either bench-top models or built into a stand. Table saws are very common in carpentry due to their ability to make precise cuts and rip pieces of wood. They generally work by being fed a piece of wood through the top slot, then pushed against the blade. Table saws are great for larger projects where you might need a lot of wood cut quickly. They can save you a great amount of time, especially once you get the hang of it.


  • Table saws can be quite dangerous if they’re not used properly.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and keep your fingers out of the path of moving parts.
  • Also, when using the saw, make sure that your blade is fully on and that it’s positioned correctly in order to avoid accidents.

Nail Gun

A nail gun is a tool that uses a compressor to provide air pressure and then uses that to drive nails through a surface. A nail gun is used to fasten pieces of wood together, as well as other materials like metal. Nail guns are common in construction workspaces and are very useful when doing large-scale home improvement projects. They’re also handy for certain DIY projects like hanging picture frames.

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  • Never use a nail gun without safety glasses.
  • It’s also recommended that you wear earplugs to protect your ears from any loud noises.
  • Additionally, you should always check the nail gun itself for any potential damage and wear out before using it. There may be a nail jammed inside of it, or other mechanical issues, so make sure to check all parts before using the nail gun.

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is a tool that helps apply paint or stain to a surface by spraying it out. Paint sprayers are useful for any type of furniture and wall painting project, as they allow for more precision than a paint roller. They’re also more effective than standard brushes and rollers because they evenly distribute the paint rather than leaving strokes. Paint sprayers are perfect for bigger craft projects or sprucing up a room with a fresh coat of paint. This is a great tool to get a professional looking finish at home all while doing it yourself.


  • A paint sprayer works by spraying the product out through a hose, so make sure you have enough distance between yourself and where the nozzle is positioned.
  • Also, before using your sprayer, read the cartridge and check that it’s not clogged with paint or other debris.
  • Cleaning the nozzle will ensure that you get as much paint out of it as possible.

Workmans Flashlight

A workman’s flashlight is a tool that’s used to light up various pieces of material around the home. Flashlights are great for any type of DIY project, especially those that require you to work in dark places. A workman’s flashlight may be a battery-operated model or one that plugs in to an outlet. It should have a strong, sturdy handle and also be capable of lighting up a wide area. Find flashlights that are bright enough to light up what you’re working on but still be easy on the eyes.


  • Make sure to check any batteries or bulbs in the flashlight before using it.
  • Even if it’s still working, they could be worn out and make it too dim for you to see properly.
  • Also, make sure your flashlight is bright enough for the job at hand.

Heat Gun

Heat guns are tools that help condition and shape different types of material. They’re mostly used to dry out certain items such as wet paint or plastic. Heat guns are also used to prevent rust in various materials, especially on metal surfaces such as lawnmower blades, wire fence, and steel railings. This tool is commonly found in professional garages or shops because of its versatility. This tool can make your jobs around the house a lot easier when you need something to dry quickly.

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  • When using the heat gun, make sure it’s on a low temperature setting.
  • This will stop it from singeing anything in the area and causing fires.
  • Use the tool as directed and make sure you keep it away from any flammable materials.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a device used to power other tools and generate a lot of energy and impact quickly. This particular tool is a must-have for any garage owner because it helps with many different tasks such as inflating tires, installing car wheels, and creating air bladders for tires. You can find portable models that are compact which can be great for garage or car storage when on the go.

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  • To make sure your air compressor is safe to use, it’s best to check the gauge on the side before working with it.